Disability Social Security Benefits

Social Security For Disabled People

Social security benefits for the disabled vary from country to country but most countries have some kind of benefits that disabled people may be entitled to.

It is worth checking with the relevant social security benefits office in your country to make sure you don’t miss out on any of benefits you may be entitled to receiving due to your disabilities.

There are generally three main disability benefits that disabled people may be entitled to, these will have slightly different names depending on the country you live in.

Social Security Benefits

Main Disability and Sickness Benefits

Disability living allowance – This benefit is paid if you cannot look after yourself properly and need help getting around, you must be under 65.

Attendance allowance – You may be entitled to this benefit if you are over 65 and need help in looking after yourself.

Incapacity Benefit – If your disability stops you from working then you may be entitled to claim this benefit, the rates payable depend on the amount of time you are unable to work.

Benefits for Healthy Living

Direct payments – If you have been assessed and need care and support then you may be entitled to direct payments; direct payments will give you the opportunity of buying care yourself instead of receiving it from social services directly.

Equipment for Independent Living

If you need special equipment to be able to live independently then you may be able to claim towards the cost of alterations needed to adapt your home.

Health Equipment and Prescriptions

You could be entitled to help with prescription costs, dental care and items such as wheelchairs and hearing aids.

Tax relief on equipment

Some goods may qualify for tax relief if it has been designed or adapted for a disabled person.

Independent Living Fund

If you are severely disabled then you may be entitled to a grant which could enable you to live independently rather than in a care home.

Work schemes

“Access to work” is a scheme set up to provide practical support at work, it can help with paying towards special equipment needed or to help with costs towards travel if you are unable to use public transport.

Blind persons Tax

This allowance allows you to receive an income without having to pay tax on it, it is usually added to your personal tax allowance.

Disability Living allowance

This is an allowance for a child with a severe physical or mental disability; you may be entitled to claim this if the child needs a lot more looking after than other children of similar age.

Disabled Facilities Grant

This is a local council grant that may be given when help is needed adapting the home.

Television license discount

If you are registered blind then you are entitled to 50% off your television license.

The Motability scheme

This scheme can help you purchase or rent a car, powered wheelchair or scooter if you are getting the highest rate of the disabled living allowance.

Disabled students allowance

This allowance can help pay for specialist equipment and non medical personal assistance.

Industrial injuries disablement benefit

If your disability is the result of an accident at work then you may be entitled to claim this benefit.

Constant attendance allowance

If you need daily care because of a disability then you may be entitled to receiving this allowance.

War disablement pension

If you have become disabled due to serving in the armed forces then you may be able to claim this.

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