What does having Parkinson’s disease mean?

Understanding Parkinson’s disease

When a person is first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease it can seem for them like the world is coming to an end, this isn’t the case however for once diagnosis is made although there isn’t a cure steps can be taken to treat it. Research into Parkinson’s disease is coming along in leaps and bounds and new drug treatments are being continually developed.

In the meantime there are several ways that the symptoms of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease can be helped. Here is some practical advice for those suffering from the disease and for their family and friends.

A person’s circumstances will differ

Everyone’s experience with Parkinson’s disease will vary greatly depending on their circumstances; the majority of sufferers will be over the age of 60, an age when various other health conditions can also have an affect on the disease.

Also the health of other people living in the same house will play a crucial role for instance if the person diagnosed as having Parkinson’s is already looking after a family member with an illness.

Younger people also get Parkinson’s disease and for these people different worries will surface, loss of earnings due to the progression of the disease, forced early retirement and coping with young children can all be issues.

The loved ones of sufferers

Family and friends of those diagnosed with the disease can be greatly affected, they will have thoughts and worries of how they will cope with their loved ones illness, particularly with its progressive nature.

If the person diagnosed is a younger person with young children then concerns of whether they should tell their children of the disease will be present. Family and friends may also not want to be the first to broach issues about the disease for fear of making their loved ones worse.

These are all concerns which can become overwhelming when not discussed openly, many people who have been diagnosed with this illness have found their worries are unfounded if they are broached and talked about with the sufferer instead of hiding them.

The outlook

What the future will bring of course will be foremost on the minds of those having being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, not only will the person worry what the future holds for them with the disease but also how their loved ones will cope.

Having a better understanding of the disease and the treatments for the disease will go a long way to easing worries and therapy not only for the sufferer but also their loved ones is advisable, therapy of this nature is usually by way of a family therapist, where the family as a whole can openly discuss with a therapist any worries and fears they may have.

There are many support and advice centres that can point you in the right direction and help you to gain an understanding of Parkinson’s disease and the outlook for those suffering.

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