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List of Camps for Kids With Disabilities

Camps are an important way to allow kids to grow and become confident individuals. It is important to find out what you may expect out of the disability camp that you select for your child and also research into the variety of camps that are available for your child. If the parents think that the child’s special needs will prevent him or her from participating in the summer camp, it is not true. No longer do disabled kids have to give up on regular camping activities that other kids enjoy during the summer. The number of camps for kids with disabilities are only growing and people everywhere are trying to make more and more adjustments to fit the needs of these special children. These camps offer specialised medical care for specific disabilities, in addition to [… Read More]

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Physical and Developmental Disability Camps for Children

A summer time vacation is desired by all, whether you have a disability or not. However, there are certain things parents expect out of a special needs camp that must accommodate their child’s disabilities. Many of such kids struggle with the time management, problem solving skills, and organisation. After identifying the child’s needs, one must research the vast variety of camps for kids with disabilities and choose the one best suited. Developmental disability camp serve the children with special needs, who require more guidance than the normal camper. A handicap camp is one of the best ways to allow a child to interact with other kids who are in a similar situation and thus allow them to develop their communication skills, as well as make friends. These tips and resources may serve as a starting [… Read More]

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Child Care For Children With Special Needs

Making the choice of putting your child into a childcare program can be a daunting task for any parent, there are a multitude of questions to ask yourself before leaving your child in the care of strangers but if your child has special needs maybe from learning difficulties or a disability then this makes the task of choosing the right care provider even harder. It must be realized that each child and each disability is unique. A child with visual impairments might have different needs than a child who has behavioral challenges. Also, some of the children have more than one type of disability, with varying degrees of severity. It thus becomes crucial for the child care providers, in some of the cases, to make a few changes to the child care program for the [… Read More]

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Attention Deficit Disorder – ADD In Children

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) find it difficult to concentrate and as a result of their hyperactively, they are often passed off as inattentive and having “too much energy”.  Sometimes they may appear to be overactive, fidgety and disruptive and parents and teachers are quick to label the child ‘naughty’. Children with ADD or ADHD often make the home and school environment stressful and if not diagnosed properly, adults may have a hard time dealing with them. It is important that the caregivers of an ADD or ADHD child are not dismissed as merely disobedient but they should try to understand the underlying issues for the child’s hyperactivity and lack of ability to concentrate.

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Disabled Child: Advice for Parents of Disabled Children

Anyone with kids would know that raising children can become a part-time job on its own. Raising a disabled child comes with added responsibilities and caretaking. Even though parenting disabled children is similar to regular kids, additional help and support is required for the excessive financial and emotional pressure that falls on parents. It is important to research and take the help of the State and Federal Government, wherever applicable, as they are legally bound to help a disabled child in their educational and other needs. Other forms of help for your disabled child can be obtained from the numerous communities formed by various organizations globally.

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Learning Disability Help: Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities may have certain disabled children rights but they can still have a very tough childhood. They have to try extra hard to cope up with the others and may still fall behind if they lack proper learning disability services. A child with learning disability may never be cured but there are a number of learning disability resources available which makes their lives easier. Understanding a leaning disability student and providing them with appropriate help ensures a very prospective future for them.