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Air Travel, Flying with a Disabled Partner

Air travel these days has become both cheap and convenient and often involves less planning that a long road trip. Although much more planning is required with new screening procedures at airports due to the anti-terrorism laws, by and large air travel with a disabled partner can still be an enjoyable experience. There is a plethora of difficulties that accompany the disabled as they attempt to fly in a commercial capacity these days but a conscientious travel partner can plan ahead and avoid any obstacles. When travelling with the incapacitated person, every effort must be made to provide a comfortable and facilitated journey to the patient. The incapacitated person is a passenger with the physical disability such as a neurological disorder or a medical condition, who is in need of attention or assistance, while take [… Read More]

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Adaptive Driving – Hand Controls for the Disabled

How handicap hand controls are used? A non-handicapped individual may often wonder how a mobility disabled individual can drive a regular car. The automobile industry has advanced greatly and has come up with ingenious ways to provide mobility independence and make disabled driving a possibility. People who are wheelchair ridden use their hands to get around. Cars are installed with handicap hand controls in order to help such individuals drive. Several custom adjustments may be made to a car in order to suit your personal needs. In most cases, the regular functioning of the brakes and gas are kept intact so that the resale value of the car is not depleted. Additional hand controls are simply installed within the reach of the driver which helps operate the vehicle. An automatic transmission vehicle is compulsory for [… Read More]

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Disability Travel: Tips on Travel For Disabled

While so many of us barely think twice before jumping onto a plane, or checking into a hotel, we hardly stop to think twice of the difficulties faced by the disabled traveler. Disabled individuals love to travel just as much as any others. For this reason, disabled air travel is given high importance by airlines. Even hotels and restaurants offer various tips on travel that they believe would benefit in disability travel. With services like these growing in importance, disabled travel is slowly becoming a much more pleasurable experience.  

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Disabled Travelers Rights

Disability & Travel Only until very recently traveling was a big problem for people with disabilities especially when it came to flying. Fortunately now new rules and regulations have been put into practice governing the rights of the disabled, the aim of these rights has been put there to minimise as much as possible many of the problems disabled people come across when traveling by air. This is made possible by providing adequate training for all staff who work within the aviation industry and bringing their attention to the needs and assistance the disabled traveler might have.