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Disability Sports: Have You Tried Wheelchair Basketball?

Many people often assume that because you are disabled you have no right to play sport but tell that to the paralympics and the extremely successful Special Olympics. Disabled sports, also called as adaptive sports or para sports are the sports which are played by physically and intellectually disabled persons. These sports are modified to meet the needs of disabled person, hence the name adapted sports. However, not all disabled sports are adapted, some sports are uniquely invented and have no equivalent in non-disabled sports. One of the most common disabled sports is wheelchair basketball. It is one of the most widely played sports by disabled people around the world. Organization Of Sports For People With Disability. The sports for athletes with a disability is usually categorised into three groups: The hearing impaired, physically disabled, and intellectually [… Read More]

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Disability Sports Info For Disabled Sports Enthusiasts

A disability sport is one that is performed by individuals suffering from some form of disability. If one is qualified, there are numerous disability sports events that take place which the individual can take advantage of. These disabled sports are being given more and more importance worldwide, and countries are continuously being encouraged to setup facilities for disabled people to learn and train for various kinds of disability sports. If an individual has talent, a disability must not get in the way of enjoying a sport that he enjoys. Every effort is being made to make disability sports a popular event globally in order to improve the athletic life of disabled individuals.

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Disability Support: Dealing with Disabilities

Dealing with disabilities can be tricky and complicated. People with disability often times go into depression or give up on life. By acquiring proper disability support, one can improve the quality of their lives in considerable ways. While a new handicap may be a shock and unexpected, coming to terms with your sudden disability would help in getting on with your life. However, it is not easy for people with a gradually acquired disability as well. Coping with disability of any nature requires time and extreme mental effort from the individual. However, this is not the end and by seeking the love and disability help of people close to you, coping with disability becomes a much easier process.