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Disability & The Law Courts

The Truth About Social Security Disability Insurance

Difference between SSI & SSDI Many people are not aware that there is a difference between Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Social Security Insurance (SSI). Social Security Insurance is just that –A federal system that one involuntarily pays into while working, in order to receive retirement benefits at the prescribed age. The average Social Security income ranges in the between $800-1000 per month, depending on the amount one earned while one worked. There are various persons who may receive SSI OR SSDI benefits. For example you can be the son or daughter or spouse of someone who is deceased that worked and paid into the system and received SSI or SSDI.

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Disability & The Law Courts

Attending Court If You Are Disabled

Disability & The Law Courts There isn’t a more nerve wracking experience to endure in life than paying a visit to a court of law for whatever reason. For disabled people however, it is even more taxing, unless the court of law conforms to disability regulation and is fitted with adjustments to benefit disabled people. If you are deaf or hard of hearing If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have to attend court for any matter then you are entitled to certain rights, information and support regarding communication and facilities should be given to you by the court.