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Disability & Technology

Deaf Services: Useful Deaf Equipment & Devices

The loss of one of the senses is a major loss and many people do not realize this. When one loses their hearing, or is born with a hearing disability in the first place, you may need certain special equipments or devices to help you with your hearing or at least make it easier for you. Even the sound of alarm clock that is a jarring noise for most people might need to be louder for you as a deaf person but the standard alarm clock proves to be of no use to you.

Disability & Technology

Assistive Technology – Products & Devices For Autism

Technology for disabled people has a long way to go but like internet for the disabled, changes are being made in various fields. When a child diagnosed with Autism feels lost and frustrated due to the lack of communication, various kinds of assistive technology devices can be used to help them interact with others. Assistive technology products may provide the much needed support required by your children. With the help of some simple computer assistive technologies, children with autism can express themselves more clearly and their quick computer skills allow them to become good assistive technology users.