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Caring for the Frail and Elderly

There are many points to consider when someone has to take care of an individual who is disabled or a frail elderly person. If the person in question is confined to a bed or wheelchair, then the considerations for the care provider increase exponentially. These patients are in need of more assistance and time in their care. It also takes extra planning and an insight into the potential problems that the patient may experience, and to look for the best possible way to either remedy it quickly or avoid these problems altogether. It increases vulnerability of the patients and creates new challenges for nurses and other health care providers, as they have to keep in mind the dignity and autonomy of the frail elderly, which requires a great deal of clinical competence, compassion and patience. [… Read More]

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Disablity Aids for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Being blind is a learning process not only for the blind themselves, but also for family members and those who live in the same household. To the newly blind, home takes on the aspect of a fortress of safety and learning arena. Everything that could be normally done by a person having the gift of sight, has to be learned all over again, from walking to personal hygiene, including the advanced skills like reading, writing, and cooking. Also, it becomes difficult for the people with reduced vision to do their daily household tasks. There is a wide range of commercially available equipment which might easily benefit the blind or the people with reduced vision. Various visibility aids which might make an easy living for the visually impaired or blind includes glasses, magnifiers, writing equipment, household, [… Read More]

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Social Security Benefits for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Living with the visual impairment or complete blindness makes the person unable to work, which poses a financial burden in the form of lack of income and medical insurances. The social security administration (SSA) offers social security disability benefits to such individuals. The SSA offers disability benefits through two different programs. The first program is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which relies on  and the patient’s work history. To claim this insurance the applicant must have earned a specific amount of work credit. The second program is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program is not based on work credits and instead mandates the requirement of a certain financial status in order for the applicant to qualify. The program is best suited for children and other individuals who might not have earned enough work [… Read More]

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Air Travel, Flying with a Disabled Partner

Air travel these days has become both cheap and convenient and often involves less planning that a long road trip. Although much more planning is required with new screening procedures at airports due to the anti-terrorism laws, by and large air travel with a disabled partner can still be an enjoyable experience. There is a plethora of difficulties that accompany the disabled as they attempt to fly in a commercial capacity these days but a conscientious travel partner can plan ahead and avoid any obstacles. When travelling with the incapacitated person, every effort must be made to provide a comfortable and facilitated journey to the patient. The incapacitated person is a passenger with the physical disability such as a neurological disorder or a medical condition, who is in need of attention or assistance, while take [… Read More]

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Computer Software for the Visually Impaired, Blind

There are many software programs available that allow the blind and visually impaired to confidently navigate the world through their computer. These can generally be classified into two separate categories, the first being screen magnification, and the second, screen readers. Most of the applications come as both screen reader and magnifier.

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Applying for Physical Disability Benefits in the United States

In order to qualify for disability benefits in the United States a person has to be medically proven to be disabled. While this sounds like an easy task, due to the variety of legalities which abound in the system and people who attempt to cheat the system, it is not as easy as it sounds. Process to Apply for Disability The first step that needs to be undertaken is to apply for Social Security Disability, Medicare and/or Medicaid. This can be done via hard copy or on the online. The reason to start on this as soon as possible is that this in its self can take from two to three years.

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List of Camps for Kids With Disabilities

Camps are an important way to allow kids to grow and become confident individuals. It is important to find out what you may expect out of the disability camp that you select for your child and also research into the variety of camps that are available for your child. If the parents think that the child’s special needs will prevent him or her from participating in the summer camp, it is not true. No longer do disabled kids have to give up on regular camping activities that other kids enjoy during the summer. The number of camps for kids with disabilities are only growing and people everywhere are trying to make more and more adjustments to fit the needs of these special children. These camps offer specialised medical care for specific disabilities, in addition to [… Read More]

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Physical and Developmental Disability Camps for Children

A summer time vacation is desired by all, whether you have a disability or not. However, there are certain things parents expect out of a special needs camp that must accommodate their child’s disabilities. Many of such kids struggle with the time management, problem solving skills, and organisation. After identifying the child’s needs, one must research the vast variety of camps for kids with disabilities and choose the one best suited. Developmental disability camp serve the children with special needs, who require more guidance than the normal camper. A handicap camp is one of the best ways to allow a child to interact with other kids who are in a similar situation and thus allow them to develop their communication skills, as well as make friends. These tips and resources may serve as a starting [… Read More]

Disability at Home

Household Mobility Aids – Easier Living for the Disabled

Disability is a physical or mental impairment that limits a person’s movements, senses, and activities. It may be present since birth or may occur during a person’s lifetime. Disability is an umbrella term and covers any form of impairment that might slow down or lead to complete inability of doing household tasks. Being able to function like a regular person within the confines of your home is the number one concern of disabled individuals. If the patient is physically handicapped, he might face difficulty in rising from bed, or getting into the chair, from from chair to toilet and back, reaching for objects kept at height, reaching for items kept in the kitchen cabinets, using common furnitures like couches and recliners, climbing any form of staircase and the list is endless. Disability in the form [… Read More]

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Disability Communications: Talking With Disabled People

Too often a lack of knowledge about disability, or understanding of how people manage disability day-to-day, prevents people from interacting with each other. People with a disability have the same interests, aspirations, skills and faults as anyone else. In fact, when you have a conversation with a person with a disability, you will probably find you have plenty of stories and experiences to share. Respecting individual needs and appreciating personal experiences will help us all see beyond the disability and help create a stronger, more supportive and welcoming community. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have various communication difficulties. Also, the individuals with speech, hearing, and vision problems are more likely to have a communication barrier. In such a situation, the person will face a challenge in giving you an accurate picture of their feelings, [… Read More]