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Disability Insurance: Medicaid vs Medicare

When considering disability insurance, people are often confused about Medicaid and Medicare. Some people know there is a difference between the two but do not quite know exactly what it is. Other people are not even aware that Medicaid differs from Medicare. What Is Medicaid Health Insurance? Medicaid is a program funded by states and the federal government to provide various insurance coverages for low income citizens including families, children, elderly and the disabled. What Is Medicare Health Insurance? Medicare insurance is the nations largest health insurance program. Medicare coverages include people age 65 and over, disabled persons under 65 and persons with permanent kidney failure.

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Disability Facts

Disabled People: Famous People With Disabilities

There are lots of famous people who have made it big and did not let their disability get to them. Here are some of the most famous people and the disabilities that might have held them back, but did not stop them from achieving great heights. Albert Einstein The Mathematician/Physicist who had a learning disability and did not speak until age 3. He had a very difficult time doing maths in school. It was also very hard for him to express himself through writing. Alexander Graham Bell Had a learning disability Cher Has dyslexia Christopher Reeve Never has a person with a disability commanded so much media attention in recent history. Christopher Reeve, crippled after a horse-riding injury, wants to be up on his feet & wants to help others stand confident too. His life [… Read More]

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Disability Facts

Disability Statistics: Facts About Disability

Disability affects hundreds of millions of families in developing countries. Currently around 10 per cent of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability. In most of the OECD countries, females have higher rates of disability than males.

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Disability Facts

Disability Statistics: Facts About Dementia

Dementia is a subject that most people try to avoid. Just the thought of memory loss – in a loved one, friend, co-worker or, worse yet, ourselves — makes us terribly uncomfortable. Unless we are confronted directly with dementia, we prefer to think of it as “someone else’s problem.” But dementia – one of the world’s fastest growing diseases — won’t go away and it is fast becoming “everyone’s problem.” A look at the facts and statistics surrounding dementia clearly show that it is a massive issue, possibly a medical catastrophe in the making, with no easy solution.

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Disability Facts

Disabilities Types: The Various Types of Disabilities

In order to understand the true meaning of disability, it is helpful to know the many different types of disabilities and all their sub-categories. Once a disability type is identified with, it becomes easier to understand and research it further. Technology has come a long way and various forms of assistive devices are now available for all these disability types. Help is provided in various forms to ease the load off individuals suffering from these various types of disabilities.

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Disabled Women: Support for Women with Disabilities

While the fight for Feminism carries on, it is important to keep in mind that female disability is still a strong issue that needs to be addressed more often in order to make a noticeable difference. Women with disabilities face discrimination in the form of gender as well as physical or mental condition. It is hard enough to live with a disability, but even more so if you are a disabled girl. There are various laws in the US which strive to provide equal opportunities to disabled women. Exploring the resources and information given in some of these organizations would help women with disabilities get a better understanding of their opportunities and rights.

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Disability at Home

Disabled Parents: Understanding Special Needs Parents

It is hard enough to deal with one’s disability, but even harder to be a disabled parent and care for children while dealing with that disability. Children of disabled parents can grow up to be equally self-sufficient and have a healthy upbringing as long as they are well cared and nurtured for. With the help of the many assistive devices and aids that are now available, special needs parents are now finding it an easier task to care for their children.  Moreover, numerous disabled parents support organizations have been set up and are designed to assist various needs of such parents.

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Disability Access Rights

Toilets for Disabled: Disabled Toilets Access Regulations

A disabled toilet is like a blessing for numerous disabled individuals. Disabled toilets are specially designed for individuals with spinal cord injuries who are wheelchair ridden and need extra space and accessibility within a toilet. There are many disabled toilets regulations that every public facility are required to abide by in order to provide proper disabled public toilets for such individuals. These requirements are very specific and carefully thought out plans made out for the benefit of disabled people. Disabled toilets are an important aspect of the daily lives of such individuals and every effort is being made to make things more convenient for their conditions.

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Disability Sports Info For Disabled Sports Enthusiasts

A disability sport is one that is performed by individuals suffering from some form of disability. If one is qualified, there are numerous disability sports events that take place which the individual can take advantage of. These disabled sports are being given more and more importance worldwide, and countries are continuously being encouraged to setup facilities for disabled people to learn and train for various kinds of disability sports. If an individual has talent, a disability must not get in the way of enjoying a sport that he enjoys. Every effort is being made to make disability sports a popular event globally in order to improve the athletic life of disabled individuals.

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Dealing with Communication Disability & Speech Impairment

It has been estimated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that there are approximately 14 million people suffering from speech and language disabilities. All these people may have different reasons as to the cause of their speech impairment, but they are all in the same boat. They all suffer the same consequences and have to deal with the same hardships. Whatever the cause may be, there are a number of things that any individual can do to improve their speech disability. By seeking help from appropriate individuals, speech disabilities may even be overcome eventually.