Disability Facts

Disability Facts & Figures

Declaring a disability to an employer Comparing disability figures internationally is difficult due to the fact that different countries regard disability in different ways. The following facts and figure therefore relate more to the United [... Read More]
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Disability Benefits

Carpal Tunnel Help & Carpal Tunnel Benefits Claim

It is important to understand the meaning and symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome in order to receive treatment and proper carpal tunnel help immediately. With the increase in usage of computers and cell phones, carpal tunnel claims are at its peak. Workers everywhere are filing carpal tunnel benefits claims as they believe it is caused by their work and are seeking carpal tunnel compensation for it.  Understanding what the causes are for carpal tunnel syndrome and getting immediate treatment for it helps fix the problem at an early stage.

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Parkinson's Disease FAQ

Detecting Dopamine Loss for Parkinson’s Diagnosis and Monitoring

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by a gradual and progressive loss of dopamine nerve cells (dopaminergic neurons) in the substantia nigra region of brain. Dopamine loss is the characteristic hallmark of the disease and is the main culprit behind the signs and symptoms and complications associated with it. Although there is no specific test for Parkinson’s disease, and the accuracy of clinical diagnosis of parkinsonism is still limited, however recent advances in a diagnostic imaging technique known as  SPECT  molecular imaging technique, may help doctors identify high risk patients even before the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease appear. It may also serve as a tool to monitor the disease progression. Currently Parkinson’s disease is identified by a clinical diagnosis where the medical history and clinical presentation allows a doctor to reach the diagnosis. However, [… Read More]

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Disabled Chilren

Attention Deficit Disorder – ADD In Children

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) find it difficult to concentrate and as a result of their hyperactively, they are often passed off as inattentive and having “too much energy”.  Sometimes they may appear to be overactive, fidgety and disruptive and parents and teachers are quick to label the child ‘naughty’. Children with ADD or ADHD often make the home and school environment stressful and if not diagnosed properly, adults may have a hard time dealing with them. It is important that the caregivers of an ADD or ADHD child are not dismissed as merely disobedient but they should try to understand the underlying issues for the child’s hyperactivity and lack of ability to concentrate.

Living with Parkinson's

Sleeping Problems in Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the central nervous system caused due to the damage of the dopamine producing nerve cells in the brain. This dopamine deficiency manifests in the form of a constellation of slowly and continually debilitating pre-motor and motor symptoms ranging from sleeping problems, constipation, to tremors, stiffness and the loss of ability to control one’s own bodily movements. A range of sleeping problems are associated with a large majority (about 96%) of the people suffering from Parkinson’s disease (PD) and unless they are recognized and tackled effectively, they can give rise to serious consequences. Often the sleep disorders are an early indicator of this impending neurodegenerative disorder, even before the appearance of motor symptoms, and can manifest as restless sleep, nightmares, vivid dreams, acting out dreams during sleep, and excessive daytime [… Read More]

Types of Disabilities

Disability Types: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Exercise

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is an illness characterised by extreme exhaustion. Other common symptoms include aching muscles, joint pains, headache, sore throat and flu-like feelings. The cause is unknown and recovery can take years. In some cases, people don’t recover and suffer relapses throughout their lives. Exercise is often a problem for people with CFS because physical activity can worsen their symptoms. Medical opinion has been divided on whether people with CFS should attempt regular exercise or not – some believe that gentle exercise is helpful, while others caution against any form of aerobic activity. Research has found that patient education on CFS and a graded exercise program can improve symptoms in many cases and, on average, is not likely to worsen outcomes.

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Effects of Parkinson's Disease

Speech Problems in Parkinson’s Disease

Speech problem or difficulty in speaking (dysarthria) is one of the most common symptoms that develop in a patient with Parkinson’s disease besides the major symptoms such as tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement and loss of postural reflexes. It is estimated that about 60 to 90 percent of patients with Parkinson’s disease have difficulty with their speech, which may take various forms such as a soft, monotonous, or slurred speech, speaking too fast or repeating words, or sometimes hesitating before speaking. Problems with speech can be due to reduced movement of the muscles involved in breathing, talking and voice intonation as a result of Parkinson’s disease.

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Disability Help

Child Adoption: Disabled Child Adoption Info

Child adoption is common among families who are infertile and are looking to create a family. However, it must be noted that around 30 -50% of children in these homes have some form of disability. Disabled child adoption is not for everybody as it requires extra money and time to care for their needs. However, adopting disabled children can bring immense happiness and joy to a family, comparable to a healthy child adoption. If a family is wealthy and lives near appropriate medical centers, then while making a decision on child adoption, they should try and look into disabled children for adoption. The love they will get from these children might change their lives in countless ways.

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Disability & Technology

Deaf Services: Useful Deaf Equipment & Devices

The loss of one of the senses is a major loss and many people do not realize this. When one loses their hearing, or is born with a hearing disability in the first place, you may need certain special equipments or devices to help you with your hearing or at least make it easier for you. Even the sound of alarm clock that is a jarring noise for most people might need to be louder for you as a deaf person but the standard alarm clock proves to be of no use to you.

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Disability at Home

All About Adult Day Care Services & Centers

Caregivers of older and disabled adults often think it is cruel to leave their wards behind at an adult day care center. However there should be no guilt in this. If you are unable to provide the care that an elderly disabled person requires due to time constraints and other responsibilities, you may seriously want to consier adult day care services. Particpants can interact with others at the center and recive care giver services while the primary caregiver is at work or completing other errands during the day.

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Disability at Home

Disabled Parents: Understanding Special Needs Parents

It is hard enough to deal with one’s disability, but even harder to be a disabled parent and care for children while dealing with that disability. Children of disabled parents can grow up to be equally self-sufficient and have a healthy upbringing as long as they are well cared and nurtured for. With the help of the many assistive devices and aids that are now available, special needs parents are now finding it an easier task to care for their children.  Moreover, numerous disabled parents support organizations have been set up and are designed to assist various needs of such parents.