Learning Disability Help: Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities may have certain disabled children rights but they can still have a very tough childhood. They have to try extra hard to cope up with the others and may still fall behind if they lack proper learning disability services. A child with learning disability may never be cured but there are a number of learning disability resources available which makes their lives easier. Understanding a leaning disability student and providing them with appropriate help ensures a very prospective future for them.

Understand a Child with Leaning Disability

What is a learning disability? Children with learning disabilities may feel it is a lack of intelligence or brainpower. This is entirely untrue as a number of famous people like Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Tommy Hilfiger, Orlando Bloom, William Hewlett, Albert Einstein and many others all suffered from learning disabilities while growing up. Learning disabilities are problems with brain receptors that disallow it to receive and process information like regular children. Thus children with learning disabilities become slow learners and find it difficult to focus on material. The complex processes in our brains get mixed up in a learning disability student and he finds it extremely hard to decipher it.

Learning Disability Help: Types of Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities can occur in a number of regions of the brain. Children with learning disabilities are most commonly diagnosed with:

  • Dyslexia: Inability to read
  • Dyspraxia: Sensory/Motor Disorder
  • Dyscalculia: Math reasoning disability
  • AD/HD: Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Dysgraphia: Inability to write
  • Visual and Auditory
  • Communication

Learning Disability Resources & Help For Children

While learning disabilities are permanent and there is no absolute cure for it, there are a number of learning disability services and special education resources that are available to improve one’s condition.

  • Recognize a child with learning disability instead of ignoring it and blaming the child.
  • Provide a learning disability student with extra help in the form of private tutors, extra classes in school, study programs and any other form of learning disability services that may be available.
  • Certain schools offer learning disability students with programs like IEP (Individualized Education Program) which might prove beneficial
  • Help children with learning disabilities to adapt to their condition and work around it.
  • Medication is available for certain kinds of learning disabilities which makes it easier for a child with learning disability to function normally.
  • Self-perseverance and belief from family members goes a long way to improve the condition of children with learning disabilities.

Children with learning disabilities find it hard to cope up with studies and even daily activities of life. However, it must be remembered that these learning disability students are smart and equally capable individuals once they overcome their learning disabilities. Even though a treatment is not possible for most learning disabilities, a number of learning disability services are available for the betterment of these children. With these learning disability resources and the  love and support of people around them, children with learning disabilities can grow up to be successful and confident individuals.


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