FAQ: Social Security Disability Benefits Application

When you make an application for your social security disability benefits, do you find yourself wondering exactly who is responsible for the decision and who has the final word on your case? SSI income is not something that is randomly decided and distributed but something many disabled people find confusing is who is in charge of their disability benefits. In fact, this is one of the most Frequently Asked Questions so we thought it would be important to consider this information for the purpose of the readers who visit this site for disability related information.

Disability Benefits -The Application Process

In order to claim social security disability benefits for whatever disability you may have, you first have to make an application. Obviously, to do this the first thing you need to do is visit the local Social Security Office or call them on their toll free number.

  • In Charge: At this stage, your SSI income application is handled by the claim’s representative of your local Social Security office. This officer is in charge of determing whether you fit the bill for the claims you make. The Claim’s Rep considers only non-medical issues and the medical requirements are not determined by this officer.

Following this, your Social Security disability benefits application is then dispatched to the state agency which makes a decision on the medical and health requirements for your claim. This agency is known as the Disability Determination Services and is a 100% federal funded state run agency.

  • In Charge: At this stage, your SSI income application is handled by a Disability Determination Specialist. This officer double checks on all your medical claims by getting in touch with your doctor, your physicians, clinics, hospitals and any other medical institutions or professionals that may be able to shed light on your case. Based on the information provided by the medical professionals, the disability determination specialist assesses your medical condition and also reviews your vocational information.
  • The information is then further assessed by a medical specialist to ascertain whether your medical condition prevents you from working in your nominated field. If so, to what degree.
  • Further, quality assurance staff may also look through your paperwork for disability benefits in order to ensure everything is in order.

The Disability Discrimination Services office makes a decision about whether or not you are eligible to claim Social Securtiy Disability Benefits. Needless to say, these decisions are not made randomly and are made after carefully studying your case and after all relevant information has been thorughly scrutinized and assessed.

Once the DDS has made a decision, your case is sent back to the local Social Security office. If your medical claim is denied by the DDS, the local office will send you a letter outlining the reasons for denial. If your claim has been approved, the local Claims Representative once again assures all non-medical matters are in order and payments are consequently initiated as quickly as possible.

Local and state agency employees working in the field of disability work hard to ensure cases are looked at and processed as quickly as possible. Some people who have been denied Social Security insist it is an arbitrary decision, however the decision for disability benefits is based purely on whether your case fits disability laws and regulations. The people involved work within these parameters to assess whether or not your claim stands, and if it does, ensure payments as quickly as possible.

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