Fair Housing Act: Disabled People Housing Rights

The Fair Housing Act was created to prohibit discrimination in various forms while selling or renting houses to individuals. Providing disabled people housing has been one of the key concerns of the Federal government. Finding low cost and conveniently structured disabled people housing was hard to find before the Fair Housing Act amendments were made. After including the disabled housing rights, it is now easier for all individuals with any kind of disability to have an equal opportunity and a legal right in finding homes and apartments for themselves.

The Fair Housing Act Amendments For Disability Accommodation

The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, disability and national origin. The coverage includes private housing, housing with Federal financial assistance, and State and local government housing. It is illegal to deny selling or renting a house to an individual due to their disability. Other activities included in the Fair Housing Act are zoning practices, construction, advertising and financing. Renters and sellers are required to make reasonable changes adaptations to their properties to provide equal opportunities to disabled people seeking housing. The disabled housing changes should be made even if it goes against their policy, just to make disabled housing more convenient. Furthermore, The Fair Housing Act requires access related adjustments to be made to private and common areas to alleviate disability accommodation. The Fair Housing Act amendments now also include multifamily housing with four or more units to be designed to allow access to persons with disabilities. Even though the Federal government does not directly provide disabled people housing, the Fair Housing Act was established to help make housing for disabled individuals easier to obtain and protect disabled housing rights. The Fair Housing Act  asserts that the right to disabled housing is a disability right and it should not just be considered a disability benefit.

Who Qualifies For Disability Accomodation?

Disabled housing is provided to individuals who claim to have a disability that is declared legally while renting or buying a house. The benefits of the Fair Housing Act disabled people housing can be obtained if the following characteristics are met with.

  • The disability must substantially limit one or more major life activities
  • The disability may be physical or mental
  • It need not be obvious and noticeable
  • Addictions such as drug and alcohol addictions qualify as well
  • You are not required to be using an assistive device

If your disability falls under these specifications, you are entitled to receive disabled housing and are protected from discrimination under the Fair Housing Act.

The Fair Housing Act was created to protect disabled housing rights of the people. It helps provide disabled people housing who were earlier being discriminated against.The access related and other design changes that are now required by the Fair Housing Act amendments make disabled housing more convenient and disability friendly. It is now easier to find housing for disabled individuals and also demand reasonable changes to accommodate your disability. If you qualify under the definition of a disability and are seeking disabled housing, under the Fair Housing Act, you are entitled to all these disabled housing rights which make your living hassle free and convenient.


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  1. I have some neighbors who are hearing disabled and elderly. The house next door to them allows a “Band” to play in their garage which points towards the victums. They have told me the frequencies interfere with their hearing aids and cause them pain. The Local police have seemingly overlooked
    the pain and suffering caused. Please avise or quote law that might have an impact to help the Police to stop this torture. Thank You,

  2. Hello Madam,Sir, My Name is john whitmore I have a father are disable we are living in depression era for while and we really stress out.I was hoping you all can help us see a newer light in a new apartment .

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