Disabled Independence at Home

Disability & The Home

It is the Government’s objective that every disabled persons or persons who need extra support receive that support when it comes to having greater flexibility and control over where they live and how they live.

Many disabled people wish to live in their own home and support themselves and be independent, there are many ways in which they can be helped to achieve this and it is every disabled person’s right to do so.

Living independently

If you are disabled then there are considerations that have to be taken, such as:

* Do you receive the necessary support that may be available to help you to continue living independently in your own home.

* Do you have the equipment that is necessary to help you live an independent lifestyle.

* Are there ways that your home could be adapted to make your life easier

Every disabled person has the legal right to have an assessment by their social services department. There are many ways you can get help which you may be entitled to and following an assessment an occupational therapist may be able to recommend ideas and equipment for adapting your home to suit your needs.

There are several forms of financial help which you may be entitled to claiming and the disabled facilities grant is just one of them. This grant can help towards the cost of paying for adaptations and improvements to your home which enables you to live a more independent lifestyle.

Help may also be available from home improvement agencies that are usually no profit organisations which help disabled people to live independent lives. You may also be entitled to claim from independent living funds, these organisations will provide payments to people who are seriously disabled but who want to remain at home rather than live in residential care homes.

Your local council will be able to give you more information regarding services that you may be entitled to and advice on improving your existing home. There are also sheltered or supported housing programmes which allow for disabled people to still lead a partial independent life in their own home but which also have someone on hand should the disabled person need assistance.

Sheltered Housing

Sheltered housing offers the disabled a range of services to help them live independently, while enjoying the added benefit of having someone that they can call on in an emergency.

A warden will usually live on the premises and can be called through an alarm system if help is needed, some housing complexes are often specifically for disabled people and have specialised facilities and trained medical staff at hand.

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  1. I have MS & receive SSDI. I need some sort of low-cost help at home, dishes, clothes, cooking. Is there something like this available??

    Thank You!

  2. my father is 74 & has had three strokes. he has worked up to the age of 60. he insists on liveing at the home whitch he worked for & i cant blame him. but the old house is not set up for his disabilty. he can barly walk. can i get help on inproveing his home?

  3. My husband is disabled with Limb Girdle MD and I had to retire early to care for him. My grown son helps me and does his showers and personal needs. Is there any payment we can receive for the in home care we are providing?

  4. I am 38 with MS.I have an 8 year old child and an 18 year old child . I really need help, is there any agengy available to help me get a walk in tub in order to continue life without having to be taken care of and given baths by someone. I love to relax and take a bath and due to spacity, numbness, and sensory disturbance i can no longer do this. Thank you, Rhonda Duty

  5. Hello, if you agree to send this message, thank you mesaj.In patience to read this 4 years ago was born a beautiful little girl named Marie, but unfortunately born with a malformation of the brain that you left side paralyzed and can not play like any normal child her age ei.Tatal died in a traffic accident and still has 2 young brothers and her mother can not work. To help make surgery Mary easy to follow a rehabilitation treatment i have $ 4000 minimum to start operatia.Daca want to see you send a movie to know it better and who wants to can help Report Abuse RBS bank account opened in Romania.

  6. My son has Ancklelouisin spondilytis, he has gotten to where he is unable to shower or bath because he falls trying to step over the tub. He also has trouble getting down and up off the toilet. He cannnot do stairs and can only walk for a few minutes. Please where can I go for help. I don’t know where to begin. He is 32 years old and just recently had to come back home. Thank you for any and all information you can give me.Ann Watson

  7. This is only for those who say they have MS. The National
    Multiple Sclerosis Society does a wonderful job of helping MS sufferers remain independent. They help pay and arrange for home renovations to make them handicapp accessible and for in-home care. Call them at 1-800-344-4867.

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