Disabled Parents: Understanding Special Needs Parents

It is hard enough to deal with one’s disability, but even harder to be a disabled parent and care for children while dealing with that disability. Children of disabled parents can grow up to be equally self-sufficient and have a healthy upbringing as long as they are well cared and nurtured for. With the help of the many assistive devices and aids that are now available, special needs parents are now finding it an easier task to care for their children.  Moreover, numerous disabled parents support organizations have been set up and are designed to assist various needs of such parents.

Adaptive Aids to Help a Disabled Parent

The world is recognizing the increasing number of disabled parents around and people are constantly working harder to find newer and improved products that can assist special needs parents in any way. There have been many great inventions which have resulted from slight changes to original products and they have greatly increased efficiency for disabled parents. Some of the adaptive aid products that have excelled in this area are:

  • Adaptive Parenting Aids: Custom-made products for each individual disabled parent who has specific unique needs.
  • Baby lifter: Lifts a baby up and down from the floor
  • Baby Bathtub: Specially designed bathtub for assisting wheelchair parents.
  • Accessible Crib: Assists a disabled parent with limited balance
  • Velcro disposable diapers: Highly recommended for special needs parents with limited dexterity.
  • The Over-the-shoulder baby holder: Helps a disabled mother carry an infant around while breast feeding or simply in movement.

Disabled Parents Support Organizations

Many organizations have come together to provide disabled parents support and help for their unique needs. These organizations are established to provide a place where children of disabled parents can come and find ways to improve their parents’ lives. They also benefit disabled parents themselves by providing them with information about new products that can make their lives easier. Some organizations that have excelled in disabled parents support for many years are:

  • Through the Looking Glass (TLG) (2): This is a non-profit, nationally recognized organization that conducts research, provides useful information and encourages the growth and prospect of disabled parents across the country.
  • Invisible Children’s Project (3): This organization was established to assist disabled parents suffering from some form of mental illness that inhibits their parenting process.
  • MS moms: This support site is for disabled mothers suffering from MS disorder.
  • The Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities (CRPD): The center provides education and support to protect disabled parents from discrimination of any kind.
  • Disabled Adoptive Parents: This is an E-mail group that is setup to have group discussions with various disabled mothers and parents around the country seeking to adopt children.

While parenting is a hard enough task by itself, it is even more difficult for disabled parents to keep up with their children. Each individual faces different levels of difficulty and problems depending on the kind of disability they suffer from. To assist special needs parents in their needs for child growth, various products have been individually designed to help them. These products and aids are becoming increasingly popular due to the level of ease they offer. Various websites and disabled parents support groups have also been set up which may be visited to gain additional knowledge about new innovations in this field. With the help of such programs and aids, disabled parents are now finding it easier to care for their little ones.


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  1. how do I get in touch w/ these organizations that help disabled parents? My parents have taken custody of my son (made me sign temporary custody over) and won’t give him back because I have depression and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. They say I am not active enough and I need support, people to talk to, maybe someone who knows the rights I have to raise my son who is 10 yrs old. I feel alone and nowhere to turn, as my parents have bad mouthed me to everyone in the world. Please put me in touch w/ any organization that can give me info or support.

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