Disabled Employment Rights

Disability Discrimination Act

Disabled workers share the same employment rights as any other worker but there are also special rights under the disability discrimination act, it against the law for any employer to treat a disabled person any differently for a reason that is related to there disability unless there actions can be reasonably justified. The disability discrimination act covers:

* Interviews.

* Application forms.

* Job offers.

* Terms of employment.

* Promotion.

* Training and transfers.

* Access to refreshment or recreation facilities.

* Dismissal.

* Redundancy.

Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace

Under the disability discrimination act the law states that your employer has a duty to consider making changes that are considered reasonable to ensure the disabled person is not put at a disadvantage due to physical features or arrangement in the workplace.

Some of the adjustments that your employer should consider after talking with the disabled person could be:

* Making adjustments to the place you work.

* Provide suitable training or re-training.

* Providing you with modified equipment.

* Making instructions and manuals more accessible.

* Providing an interpreter or reader.

* Allowing flexibility in your work hours.

Important points to consider

Both the employer and the disabled person should work together in deciding what would actually be beneficial in making reasonable adjustments in the workplace; it might also help if your employer spoke with someone who knows about work related help issues for disabled people.

The disability rights commission is on hand to provide both the disabled person and the employer with help regarding whether an adjustment to the workplace would be reasonable or not. Some issues regarding this and what both of you should consider are:

* How effective would the adjustment be.

* Will it reduce the disadvantage significantly or only slightly.

* Would the adjustment cause too much of a disturbance in the workplace.

* Will it help other people in the working environment.

* Is the cost prohibitive.

* Would the adjustment be practical.

Your employer should also be aware that he/she may be able to get grants for assistance in paying towards the cost of any reasonable adjustments that have to be made in the workplace under schemes such as the access to work programme in the United Kingdom and similar projects exist in different countries under slightly different names.

The Access to Work Programme

The access to work programme works with both the employer and the disabled person in finding a solution to problems caused in the workplace caused by practical obstacles.

They can help with such things as special equipment and also give help to the employer for financial costs with such things as making reasonable adjustments within the workplace to accommodate the disabled person within the working environment. It can also help the disabled person with travel costs if they are unable to use public transport.

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