Disabled Children Rights

Just as disabled adults have rights then so do children. Every country will have a different policy regarding those rights under there social services department but usually only the name is different.

In the UK there is a policy in place which is called “The Children’s Act”. This policy was designed to keep children safe and well and help to give a disabled child a better lifestyle in the home by providing services to meet the needs of the child.

A child in need of help may be:
* Disabled.

* Doesn’t have a reasonable standard of health.

* Unlikely to progress in terms of development due to poor health.

* Unlikely to progress without help being given from social services.

What can the act do to help me?

If you have a disabled child and you think that their standard of living could be improved with help from social security then you should contact your local social security office to set up an “assessment of needs”.

A social worker will then come to your home and talk over with you the needs of your child and also those of other family members. He/she will discuss with you what benefits your family could be entitled to and how social security can help. All factors of your child’s needs will be taken into account including health, social and educational needs.

What services can be provided for my child?

Children and their families who have been assessed may be entitled to a wide range of help and support which may include:

* Short breaks.

* Holiday play schemes.

* Care in the home.

* Aids and adaptations around the home.

* Financial support.

Depending on the level of care needed after the assessment you may be entitled to claim direct payments instead of receiving social care provided by social security. This is a payment on cash which will enable you to buy specific items to help and improve your child’s life at home.

Your child’s education rights

You are entitled to certain rights when it comes to your child’s education, some of which include:

* A child with special needs should get help at school if they have significantly more difficulty in learning than other children of the same age or if they have a disability that affects the way they can use educational facilities that are provided for children of the same age.

Your rights if your disabled child is being bullied at school

A recent survey has shown that one in three disabled children has been at some time or another bullied in school. Bullying is nothing new and it doesn’t only happen to disabled children but figures have shown that pupils with disabilities are more susceptible to name calling and often physical violence.

Almost half of the young disabled people have been bullied in school despite policies put in place regarding bullying.

What can be done?

Parents and children can form a good relationship with the school expressing any concerns that they may have regarding their child and talk over with the school what policy it has regarding bullying, discuss what actions the school takes over bullying and what the school actually regards as bullying.

Most if not all schools have a strategy in place regarding bullying, although the government does not advocate specific bullying strategies it does provide schools with well known strategies that schools do find helpful. In the end it is down to the particular school to develop their own winning strategy against bullying.

What is defined as bullying in school?

We all know children can be just children often cruel and thoughtless to the feelings of others more so in regards to children who are disabled, so when does simple name calling turn into bullying?, how is bullying defined? “Bullying exists when students are exposed repeatedly or over time to a negative action on the part of one or more students”.

The effects of bullying can be long term and can cause many added problems to your child’s day to day living, signs to watch out for that your child may be suffering at the hands of a bully are:

* Torn, damaged, missing clothing, books or other belongings.

* Unexplained cuts, bruises or scratches.

* Loses interest in school work or school work suffers.

* You child appears sad, moody, depressed or teary.

* Complains frequently of small illnesses such as headache and stomach ache.

If you suspect your child is being bullied in school then it is important that you contact the school as soon as possible regarding this matter, all schools are required by law to have a discipline policy when it comes to bullying and legally the school has to do everything it possibly can to prevent bullying from occurring.

Steps to take to stop bullying

* Get in touch with the school first preferably the head teacher or Principal.

* Talk with your child let them know this is unacceptable and help will be given.

* Discuss with the child’s teacher ways to help your child.

* Regularly check with your child and school to make sure any enforcements have been kept in regards to your child’s problem.

If all else fails then there are several other organisations which may be able to offer you help and advice against bullying, these are:

United Kingdom

Child line – http://www.childline.org.uk/ Kidscape – http://www.kidscape.org.uk/

United States

Covenant house nineline – http://www.covenanthouse.org/nineline


Kids help phone- http://www.kidshelp.sympatico.ca/

Czech Republic

The safety line- http://www.linkabezpeci.cz/

New Zealand

0800 Kidsline – mailto:info@lifeline.org.nz


  1. I am concern about my son’s SSI. It was cut almost by $200 and they told me that I owe them, because They ask me how much money did I bring home in a months time and I told them what I net and they really wanted to know what I grossed but I wasn’t ask what I gross. They did not ask for a pay stub at all. So I need some advice on what to do, because I tried to protest it and it did’nt work. Please help me. I trying to get a house so me and my son will have more space, because we live with my mother. That money would have really helped out.

  2. This piece on Disabled Children’s rights is a bit basic and can be found on numerous websites.

    Where can I find help to help me get the rights that my child is entitled to?
    How can I get school to work with me, rather than against me?

    Previously, my child had been bulied at school, there is no suggestion of where I can go to get help, only the basic fact that it shouldn’t happen and that the school should do something about it.

    Overall, no help.

    • Hi Gaynor,

      Thank you for stopping by. If you could give me some more information about your daughter, I will try to source some information that might be helpful for you.

  3. Hi, i have a son who is now 14 and having trouble with teachers and pupils at school…he has been diagnosed with AD/HD and is currently being assessed for aspergers, which almost looks certain to be diagnosed with very soon. there is a lot of bullying by teachers and pupils the same..too much to write…i need legal help now as things are right outr of hand and my son has developed alopecia over the stress and his hair grows back when he is not at school.i need to know rights but don’t know where to go now.

  4. I have a 5 yr old daughter. She is receiving 2 hr of pt, 30 min of ot, 30 min of speech every week AT HOME!! The school only provides 20 minutes of therapy a wk if the therapist even shows up. Next year my daughter will be going a full day at school and they are telling me only the school therapist who is contracted in by them is allowed to see her. So i will have to drop all of the other therapist. I dont think this is fair she has a medical need and a prescription for them. Besides our therapist said that she would abide by the other therapist rules. What can i do 2 hr compared to 20 min a week is a big difference. help

  5. i have 3 children and of as march 3 2011 i have pulled all 3 out of school and i am trying to cyber school them but the school will not release their records to me or the cyber school, i removed them because a stundent was touching my one daugther where he should not have been touching, the principal threatn my son with children and youth because he did not take detenction and she told him that she was calling the cops and on and take him away,and my youngest dautgher is having problems with her stomach i am always taking her to the hospital or doctors because of kids picking on her and telling her to die that no one wants her around. and all they were told is to deal with it and get along with the bullies if they did not follow this all three of my kids would be the one in trouble. so i did feel i had to do what i thought was right and to be a good mother and now i am getting fined and threatn by school and the law because i am protecting my kids because thought i could trust the school but i can’t and took matters in my own hands. no lawers around me will take the case because they all have said school is concered state school and i would never win, i have called over 20 lawers and been turned down everytime. so please can someone help me.

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