Disability Travel: Tips on Travel For Disabled

While so many of us barely think twice before jumping onto a plane, or checking into a hotel, we hardly stop to think twice of the difficulties faced by the disabled traveler. Disabled individuals love to travel just as much as any others. For this reason, disabled air travel is given high importance by airlines. Even hotels and restaurants offer various tips on travel that they believe would benefit in disability travel. With services like these growing in importance, disabled travel is slowly becoming a much more pleasurable experience.  

Disabled Air Travel

Travel for disabled people can become a complicated process if the various accessibility factors are not taken into consideration much in advance. Almost all airlines offer special disabled air travel services and provide useful tips on travel on their websites. These services might include the provision of wheelchairs, provision of other necessary aid items and extra labor to assist the disabled traveler. Furthermore, any disability item is not counted as a baggage item and is allowed as extra baggage at no charge. Airlines also provide separate security check-in lines to make disabled travel more convenient. Wheelchair ridden individuals are often allowed to go past the magnetic security check posts and be checked in separate rooms. Travel for disabled people is encouraged by all airlines but the services offered often differ. It is important for the disabled traveler to check with the airlines well in advance to find out what services are offered by them. Furthermore, in case of a layover or flight change, one must check with connection flights as well to ascertain whether the same degree of service can be expected for the entire length of the flight.

Hotel Accommodation Tips For The Disabled Traveler

Hotels at various places offer numerous services to aid in disability travel. Most hotels located near airports provide free shuttle services to and from the airport. Travel for disabled people on these shuttles may sometimes be difficult. In these cases, hotels should offer additional transportation at no cost to the disabled. One must confirm all these services by calling the hotel directly at least 48 hours prior to travel and confirming all facilities that are required. The most important feature a hotel must provide to assist in your disability travel is to have an accessible entrance an accommodation. While they are required by law to have disability requirements for parking, wheel-chair access, conveniently located elevators and so on, a lot of places do not abide by these laws. It is up to you to confirm such services before you arrive so as to have a smooth travel experience.

Disabled Persons Travel: Hearing Impaired & Blind People

The United States is improving vastly on providing services for the disabled traveler. Disability travel is being taken seriously as more and more individuals venture out to enjoy vacations. While most restaurants, hotels, shops, and other public places do not allow pets inside, they are required by law to allow service animals into any establishment. Disabled travel becomes so much easier when a blind person is allowed to freely take his service animal to places he would like to visit. Moreover, brail is being installed in numerous places to assist blind individuals in recognizing familiar areas such as restrooms, stairs, water fountains and so on. Help is available for the hearing impaired at many major establishments. Many reputed establishments now employ a sign language interpreter to assist a disabled traveler.

Disability travel is not an easy thing to go through. Aside from the discomfort of dealing with the disability itself, many a time proper facilities and services are not offered. The best tips on travel include planning in advance and assuring that all establishments understand how important it is to assist in travel for disabled individuals. Disabled air travel is improving rapidly and so is various other public facilities. It must be remembered that these individuals enjoy vacationing like everybody else and thus every effort must be made to make disability travel an easier experience for them.

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