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A disability sport is one that is performed by individuals suffering from some form of disability. If one is qualified, there are numerous disability sports events that take place which the individual can take advantage of. These disabled sports are being given more and more importance worldwide, and countries are continuously being encouraged to setup facilities for disabled people to learn and train for various kinds of disability sports. If an individual has talent, a disability must not get in the way of enjoying a sport that he enjoys. Every effort is being made to make disability sports a popular event globally in order to improve the athletic life of disabled individuals.

What Are Disabilities Sports?

Disability sports consist of participation in athletic games by physically or mentally disabled individuals. These individuals may be inherently disabled or be disabled due to some unfortunate event in their lives. Either way, participation in any kind of disabled sports requires the individual to have some sort of limiting factor that excludes them from regular sports. Disability sports events are organized in ways slightly different than other common sports. Most of the time, while organizing a disability sport, the same existing sport is taken and then modified according to specific disability requirements of the group of individuals concerned. Other times, special disabled sports events are created for the benefit of such individuals. These disabled sports might not have any counter-part in regular sporting events but are fairly commonly recognized among specific organizations.

Types of Disability Sports Events

Disability sports can be broadly divided in to 3 general types:

  • Disabled sports for individuals with a mental incapability
  • Disabled sports for individuals with a physical incapability
  • Disabled sports for the deaf

In order to cater to the various different kinds of disabilities, different disability sports events have been set up for such individuals. Some of the most common disability sports that are nationally or even internationally famous are:

  • Special Olympics
  • Disability Commonwealth Games
  • Deaflympics
  • Paralympic Games

Importance of Disability Sports

Sports, in general, takes up an important place in the lives of most individuals. However, disability sports has a whole new level of importance in the lives of individuals suffering from a mental or physical disability or their friends and families.

  • Disabled sports gives prior athletes who are now disabled another opportunity at playing their sport which used to be their life at one point.
  • These disability sport events makes individuals feel a sense of belonging that every game team brings with it.
  • Disability sports provides a sense of confidence of independence within a person.
  • Staying active even provides much needed exercise to some individuals.
  • Most importantly, disabled sports improves the psychological factors affecting a disabled individual by making them feel like they can achieve new heights for themselves.

Disability sports have provided a much needed revival of confidence and intelligence within the large group of disabled individuals in this country. Many of these individuals are extremely talented in various sports and these disability sport events provide an opportunity for them to portray them. With efforts being made worldwide to have this form of disabled sports accepted by all, it is almost certain that disability sports will soon become a very common event in many countries of the world.


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