Disability Scholarships : Scholarships For Disabled Students

There are numerous scholarships opportunities available for disabled students and children with learning disabilities. Apart from the government, many private organizations and universities now offer scholarships for disabled individuals. While some disabled students grants and disability scholarships focus on some specific disability or characteristic, there are others who encompass all these into one large fund. It is important to find out which scholarship different disabled students qualify for and apply for them well in advance to ensure appropriate funding during college for disabled students.

Who Is Eligible For Scholarships For Disabled Students?

Disability scholarships are often designed for specific purposes. Even though you might be considered disabled under the definition of ADA guidelines, you might not be eligible for all kinds of scholarships for disabled students. Often times, disabled students grants and disability scholarships are set up to cater to specific individuals with special education needs. Scholarships for the disabled may be aimed at mentally disabled students, students with learning disabilities, the blind, the hearing impaired, disabled female students and so on. While there are also plenty of general scholarships for disabled people, one must ascertain their qualifications before applying for any specific scholarship. Most disability scholarships allow you to apply to multiple funds in order to assist you with your college needs. Furthermore, as disabled students, you are also eligible to apply for the regular federal aid given to everyone else which will be determined based on your financial condition.

Types Of Disabled Student Grants & Scholarships For Disabled Students

There are virtually hundreds of organizations giving out disability scholarships to provide assistance to the disabled. If you are qualified to receive aid, a little research and patience would go a long way in ensuring a worry-free education for you. Some of the most commonly known scholarships for disabled individuals are:

  1. National Federation for the Blind: Numerous disabled student grants and disability scholarships are available through this organization to support the blind.
  2. National Association of the Deaf: A variety of scholarships are available for the deaf to support graduate college for disabled students.
  3. Alexander Graham Bell Association: Scholarship opportunities available for disabled students pursuing undergraduate or graduate school studies. Preference is given to the deaf and hard of hearing students.
  4. 1-800-Wheelchair Scholarship: Disability scholarship given to high school or college students. Preference is given to students with mobility disabilities.
  5. American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD): Supports disabled students going to college. Preference given to health science and disability studies majors.
  6. The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation: Incorporated to support female disabled students pursuing graduate studies and overcoming a physical disability. Offers scholarships in varied amounts based on your financial need.
  7. Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Scholarship: Provides major financial assistance to PVA members and their families.
  8. National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Designed to provide assistance to disabled students suffering from MS or to those whose parents suffer from this disability.

More and more high schools, colleges and universities are realizing the potential disabled students have in the educational field. After having to pay exorbitant medical bills, most disabled individuals are left with little or no money to pursue further studies. In order to ensure a college for disabled students, efforts are being made to set up various scholarships for disabled individuals in order to support them financially. With a little help from the government and these numerous private organizations, students now have the opportunity to receive these various disability scholarships and disabled students grants and are now experiencing better prospects in advancing their career.


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  1. Iam a polio survivor from Uganda(East Africa),a graduate from Makerere University with BBA(Accounting),two years now on street without ajob,i am looking for a scholarship to further my studies either on a professional cpurse like ACCA or a masters ,this is based on the level of competition for jobs here,requiring for such qualification.am from a peasant poor family,am requesting for your support.thank you,may the almighty God reward you.

  2. I am partially blind can’t see thn longer distance and black board also cones are not generated can’t stay in sun shine and some other probloms plz give me some support for my education

  3. i am a disable woman from iran &a membership of national team.how can i study abroad in master degree with scholarship please help me

  4. I`m a physical disabled who studying a bachelor degree in conflict resolution and peacebuilding at kampala international university dae-es- salaam branch under private sponsorship. I postponed my studies because I have no money to pay fees. Kindly assist me to complete this course. May GOD bless you when you plan to assist me

  5. Hi?am physically disabled pursuing my Bachelors of social sciences at Makerere university Kampala Uganda but am failing to get tuition for the remaining period of five semesters. whoever can support me now, will be blessed otherwise am confused.

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