Your disability rights when adapting your home

Disability & The Home

If you are disabled and need to adapt your home due to your disability then you have certain rights and one of these is help from your local council. You may be entitled to a grant from your local council called a disabled facilities grant, if the council considers that certain changes are necessary for your needs.

Who is entitled to the grant?

You may be entitled to receiving this grant if you meet the following criteria:

* If you are disabled or someone that is living with you permanently is disabled.

* You are either the owner or tenant of the property.

* You ca prove that you are going to remain at that property for the grant period which is currently a five year period.

What does the grant cover?

The grant is used to enhance your living conditions by making changes to your surroundings which give you easier access and freedom of movement, examples if this could be:

* Making doors wider for wheelchair access and providing ramps.

* Improving access to rooms which could include the installation of stair lifts or providing downstairs bathrooms.

* Installing a heating system which may be more suited to your needs.

* Altering heating or light controls for ease of use.

* Improving access around the home if you have other people you help look after such as children.

How much can you get?

The amount you may be entitled to will be based on an assessment, in which your weekly income will be taken into account as well as your outgoings, any savings you also have over a certain amount will also be taken into account. Other benefits that you receive because of your disability such as disability living allowance will not be affected.

The amount you may get can vary from 0 to 100% of the total cost of alterations depending on the assessment. If the amount of income you get is less than the assessed needs then you will not have to pay towards the cost, if your income is more then some of your income will be used to calculate what size of loan you could contribute towards.

The maximum amount of the total cost that the council is required to pay by law is £25,000, if the cost of the changes needed to your home to give you a better way of life is more then it is at the council’s discretion whether they increase the amount or not.

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  1. I need to apply for grant. Why isn’t there a conctrete advocate for the disabled? who will actually assess and give benefits? where do I find such a person?

  2. Where can I apply for the home modification grant. ?? I’m wheelchair bound and in need of a wheelchair Ramp or wheelchair lift. Also a wheelchair accesisble van. Thank you, Any info will be greatly appreciated.

  3. the only thing wrong with me is seizures and cajans don’t understand any around south Louisiana only GOD around here understands disable people down here

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