Disability Legal Rights

What Rights Do Disabled People Have?

Disability rights for disabled people have greatly increased over the last few years when the disability discrimination act came into force in 1995. The aim of the act when introduced was to put an end to discrimination that was being faced by disabled people.

Key points of the disability discrimination act include:

* The right to fair employment. Every firm which employs 15 or more people has to conform to this act and covers dismissal, working conditions and redundancy.

* The right to have access to services and facilities.

* The right to have reasonable adjustments made for access in the working environment.

* The right to education in any school, college or further education.

Discrimination is said to occur when any disabled person is treated with less favour, the treatment is relating to the person’s disability and when there has been inadequate adjustments made which cannot be justified.

Education providers

For places of education such as schools, colleges and any place of further education the disability discrimination act was extended and is called the special educational needs and disability act. This act was formed to protect students against discrimination, its key points are:

* It is against the law to prevent any disabled student from taking a course or to mark down in assessment any disabled person suffering from dyslexia or deafness.

* Certain policies have to be changed for disabled students, for example giving more computer access during exams.

* The place should be able to provide aids and services for those with disabilities, such as providing hearing aid loops and installation of special software on computers for those people with visual disabilities.

* Making adjustments to the building themselves for easier access.

Who has To Comply with the Act?

Any company or organization that provides facilities to the public has to comply with this regulation and includes:

* Building societies and banks.

* Hospitals and Doctor’s surgeries.

* Theatres and Cinema’s.

* Bus stations and Railway stations.

* Hotels, shops and restaurants.

* Soccer grounds, sports halls parks.

Who Isn’t Covered?

* Trains, buses and any other public transport.

* Private clubs.

* Manufacturers.

How Is The Law Enforced?

The law is enforced by the disabled rights commission which is an independent body of people. They were put there to ensure that elimination is met for discrimination of disabled people and to promote equal opportunities and for them to also assist and give advice on how to treat disabled people, and to advise the government on the legislation of disability.


  1. I am really frustrated. My husband has been diagnosed with a learning/reading disability and the profession he has been working in for the last 15 years + is now requiring him to be certified. The certification requires a lengthy computer “reading” test. He has taken the test several times…the last time he received a 69…70 is passing. This has made him very depressed. He has worked hard to get into this profession, which is all hands on!! Help!!

  2. people with disablities should be able to do anything!
    i dont think its fair on airplanes though because how can their
    weelchairs fit through those tiny isles? its not fair for most):

  3. My wife is disabled as of the last few years. Going around, I have had my eyes opened with regards to access, treatment etc of disabled. Does anyone know of a course within the UK whare I can learn more about the DDA and how to help. Any comments or advice would be gratefully received

  4. Nobody knows or how it feels within your soul when your rights have been violated then taken away by the government for something you haven’t done nor commit any crime as this has happened to me yet have been denied appeals and hearings that was purposely set up to return to this high power employee that makes sure any requests,comments, actions return “ONLY TO HER” so that this high power employee ends it at her desk without any other interference.. It’s worse than being in prison without the bars.
    I have been physically disabled for twenty-one years but my mind is sharp a tack.I don’t want to harm anyone or myself or kill, etc etc, My peaceful, quiet life has been spitefully taken from me due to gross negligence.
    A horrible attack has been documented in stone regarding my competency that when I questioned this shocking surprise, I was treated rudely, threatened to be federally arrested and or committed to silence me for asking questions. I’ve been ignored and patronized by advocates, court clerks, and a long list of avenues in attempts to demand a formal hearing to report this to an administrative federal law judge. I’m being kept in silence and now believe I’m no longer a member of society, I’m worthless as a human being because I’m alone in life. No friends,family and that was the cue for this to happen because they know I’m helpless with nowhere to go or to be listened to about how the disabilities laws were set in place but don’t work for me as imposed. I’m barely hanging on to the little that’s left of my mind that it has left me extremely frightened for what new surprise will happen to me next? I feel the calm before the storm…I do not wish this on ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray to GOD I made it this far and don’t know how much longer I can maintain.

  5. my husband and i have lived here for 10 1/2 months, he is sophos to be in wheel chairs be couses he has sharkcoal syndrome witch mean that the bones keep bracken evry time he walks.
    we have aked the landlord to put in a ramp repetaly so he can get in and out of the house with his wheel chaire, but the land lord said no.
    his leg got wers and now they need to take it off, and he will be in wheel chair for at lest a year or untill they can fit him for a prosteses, i fond a place with wheel chair accs. so How do I get out my apartment lease

  6. I was wanting to know if anyone knew what rights disabled people have these days????? . I have 4 herniated discs and a morphine pump surgically implanted inside me. I have my water meter read by the water company every month because im disabled. Each month for the last 6 mths my bill would state that i used 8000 gallons of water when i was only using 1500 gal of water. Every month i called them to have it adjusted, after calling every mth for 6 mths they told me to read my meter myself. I told them that i was disabled and that i couldnt help it that i have to call to adjust my bill every month and that im not paying for 8000 gal of water when i only use 1500-2000 gal per mth! They told me that i was just gonna have to read it myself from now on… Now what rights do disabled people have these days when people treat disabled people like this??? I usually dont complain but this really went right though me!

  7. I am physically disabled and assaulted by my neighbor and required ER treatment and had additional injuries due to assaulted. Police didn’t arrest her as she said I had assaulted her . I did get a protection order against her but I want to know what legal action I can take for being physically disabled on ssi and being assaulted.
    Any help I would so appreciate

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