Disability Lawyers Guide

Choosing the right Disability Lawyer for you

Disability law is a speciality law so how do you go about choosing the right disability lawyer? There are many law firms listed in the yellow pages so finding one isn’t hard, but what should you watch out for?

Tips When Considering a Disability Lawyer


Many lawyers will offer you a free half hour consultation, during this time you will be able to give the lawyer a brief insight into your particular problem, once presented with the facts a good lawyer will always tell you up front what they think your chances of winning the case are.

Background History

You should feel comfortable in the lawyer’s presence and a good honest lawyer will have nothing to hide when it comes to asking about previous cases that they have won or lost. Obviously they may not be able to go into great detail but they should be able to give you an idea of how many cases they have succeeded in winning and if any of those cases were similar to yours.

Does the lawyer specialise in disability law or just take the odd case? Disability law is a speciality and therefore you are better off with a lawyer who just specialises in disability law as they will have more experience and knowledge.

No win No fee

A lot of lawyers now have a no win no fee policy, this means as the name suggests that if you don’t win your case then you don’t pay. The lawyer will asses your case and if he thinks you stand a good chance of winning then they will usually go with this policy.

Don’t Pick the First One You See

You don’t have to pick the first lawyer you visit, check up a few of them especially if they offer you free consultation. Some important questions to ask yourself are: was the lawyer easy to get hold of, did they return your phone calls, do they seem to know about disability claims, were they willing to talk about past cases, have they been successful in winning past disability cases, do you feel comfortable in there presence, do they seem over confident?

Over confidence sometimes could signify that they don’t really have the experience needed to win your claim but they are just telling you anything to get you aboard. Common sense and good judgement is mostly needed on your part when choosing a disability lawyer.

If in doubt never be hasty and feel as though you have to go with the lawyer because you have had a free assessment with them, a good lawyer will not mind if you go away to think about it, the lawyer should never rush you into taking him or her on.

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