Disability Insurance: Medicaid vs Medicare

When considering disability insurance, people are often confused about Medicaid and Medicare. Some people know there is a difference between the two but do not quite know exactly what it is. Other people are not even aware that Medicaid differs from Medicare.

What Is Medicaid Health Insurance?

Medicaid is a program funded by states and the federal government to provide various insurance coverages for low income citizens including families, children, elderly and the disabled.

What Is Medicare Health Insurance?

Medicare insurance is the nations largest health insurance program. Medicare coverages include people age 65 and over, disabled persons under 65 and persons with permanent kidney failure.

Other Medicaid Disability Insurance Details

  • Individuals must have a certain basic income to qualify for Medicaid. While Medicaid is techniclaly administered by the federal government, states are allowed to set their own qualification rules. As a result, qualification requirements for Medicaid might vary from state to state.
  • Disabled people covered by Medicaid are covered for hospital services, x ray services, home health care services and dental insurance for children as well.

Other Medicare Disabled Insurance Details

  • The coverage for Medicare is divided into two parts. Part A is the Hospital Insurance and Part B is the Medical Insurance.
  • Part A is usually designed for those over the age of 65.  If you have this type of Medicare, you do not have to pay an insurance premium as you have probably paid for it via taxes while you were working. However, if you have never worked or have not paid Medicare taxes then you might have to pay a certain amoutn of premium to be insured with Medicare Part A disability insurance. Part A Medicare insurance covers hospital care, nursing care and hospices.
  • Part B Medicare insurance covers a variety of health services including but not limited to physicians, outpatient vists and all therapists that are considered absolutely essential for medical purposes.

These are the basic differences between Medicaid and Medicare.

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  1. My daughter is bi-polar and has been receiving both SSI for financial support and Medicaid for Health coverage. She has applied for, and will soon be receiving SSDI. She was told that with SSDI, she would loose both SSI and Medicaid. This leaves her medical expenses, hospitalizations, etc. uncovered. Any information you have on this issue would greatly be appreciated.

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