Disability Facts & Figures

Declaring a disability to an employer

Comparing disability figures internationally is difficult due to the fact that different countries regard disability in different ways. The following facts and figure therefore relate more to the United Kingdom.
Disabled People
* There are approximately over 8.6 million people who are classed as disabled in the UK alone.

* 8% of the people registered disabled use a wheelchair.

* It is estimated that there are 610 million disabled people worldwide.
* Four hundred million people living in the world’s developing countries
are disabled.
* 10 to 20% of every country’s population is thought to be affected by disability.
* There is estimated to be 39 million disabled people in Europe.
Disability at work
* Disability affects 20% of the working population.
* There are 6.8 million people of working age who are disabled with roughly
3 million in actual work.
* 13% of the workforce in the UK is disabled.
Economic and social exclusion
* Incapacity benefit is given to 2.7 million people of working age because of disability.
* More than £19bn is paid out in disability and incapacity benefits each
* 15% of young people who are disabled said they had been refused a job because of the disability.
* Households with at least one disabled person living in them have 20 to
30% lower incomes than other households.
Disability and poverty
* More than 1.3bn people throughout the world struggle to live on less than $1 a day.
* Poverty has been linked with disability and is thought that poverty is
responsible for about 20% of disability.
Age and disability
* When we reach the year 2010 40% of the population in the UK will be over the age of 45 and it is at this age when disability incidences increases.
* In 2006 the largest group of people in the workforce are 45 to 59 year
* One fifth of the UK population is over 50 years of age.
* 33% of people in the age bracket 50 to 60 have a disability.
Customers and disability
* 1 in 4 people suffer disability or have someone close that does.
* Disabled people combine a total spending power of £45 to £50bn.
* 130,000 cars which is roughly 5% of all cars bought each year are for
people with disabilities.
* People with disabilities are the main group to make purchases online.
* Less than 10% of service providers said that costs occurred through making changes to benefit disabled people outweighed the benefits.
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  1. I agree, having a disability myself it can be so hard sometimes to get the services you want, but i am proud of what I am!!!

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