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Disability & Employment

If you are disabled and need extra help when seeking employment then you have the right to speak with a disability employment adviser, the advisor can offer you support and help regardless of your position.

The advisor is there to give you advice on gaining new skills or re training, whether you have been out of work for a long time or just a short while.

What can the disability advisor do?

* If you are finding it difficult to get work because of your disability then an advisor can help you find one.

* The advisor will know suitable jobs and those employers that have a good policy for employing disabled people.

* The advisor will be able to give you advice about any specialised support you may be entitled to receive.

* If you have recently become disabled or your disability has gradually got worse then they will be able to provide specific advice.

* Make the use of occupational therapists specialising in working with disabled people.

You will be able to work closely with the disability employment advisor to help you find work or to enable you to keep your existing job. If you think you might be about to lose the job you already have then an advisor can work with both you and your employer and give advice on practical ways that would help you keep your job.

What services are provided by the advisor?

A disability employment advisor can offer you:

* A complete assessment to identify what work you would be most suited to or the kind of training you might need for finding work.

* Refer you to individually tailored programmes that are specially designed for helping disabled people find work.

* Give you access to programs such as Access to work, Workstep and other job introduction schemes.

* Access to occupational psychologist for a more detailed assessment for the kind of work that is more suitable to your particular needs.

* Information on employers that are known to give positions to disabled people.

Employment assessments

An assessment will bring out your particular skills and strengths to help decide what work you are most suited for applying for, at the end of the assessment you will have a clear plan set out towards steps you can take to achieving your goals.

During the assessment you will be asked to talk about your skills and abilities, your strongest points and talk about any previous work you may have done and also set reasonable goals for the work you are capable of doing now.

You will be asked to carry out practical tasks and some written work which various types of work may involve. After the assessment you and the advisor will agree on a plan of action for which should help you achieve obtaining a position of employment.

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  1. I’ve been seeking 20hrs/day for some help. I have been FORCED to get a disability designation, which prevents me from working outside of home. I NEED a viable, living wage HOME job or business. Your blog says that you have a disability advisor. Where do you find such a thing? Where are the jobs that the government is advertising? Why do these government websites NOT have a way to find a PERSON?

    I’m ABLE to do just about everything that everyone else does. I was not fired because of something I did or did not do. I was fired, because my employer could. I am UNABLE to do telephone work. Anything else would be good. I have 38 years of education and experience in the Engineering Tech field.

    Please do not give me more worthless links. I NEED a PERSON who is knowledgeable about viable, living wage, HOME job or businesses. Please do not give me the VR. Please do not send me to disabled job websites, because they discriminate against people with disabilities. NO SCAMS PLEASE.


  2. I’ve tried and tried without any results. My efforts for Federal employment seem insurmountable. I don’t know where to
    Though in possession of a “Ticket to Work” it seems fruitless.

  3. I was fired from a job as a teacher with children with disabilities BECAUSE of my disability! I do not believe there is a place that discrimination does not exist. I had avoided filing for disibility for 19 years and have now decided with this firing that it is necessary because of discrimination. After 18 months employed with a federal program I missed my FIRST 4 (they were consecutive) days because of my disability (specialists and ER visit) and was fired within the week. I am a single mother, and have lost 3 jobs in 6 years!! I just cannot live like this anymore. Especially in this economy and with jobs getting harder to find. I was just out of options…

    Now, my plan is to try something different, I see that this is going to be even more difficult than keeping a job with a disability! I see people saying “I will publish” but I still don’t see anything. Is it just me?? Wow, the mountain just gets steeper and steeper doesn’t it?

  4. It’s evident that the government is still propping up these fraudulent websites that ONLY HARM THE DISABLED and don’t even have the decency of responding to the pleas of help. Keep it up, government workers, your sick lying articles are doing the job of HARMING THE DISABLED!!!!!!! UGLY, PATHETIC, SICK, MINDLESS, LYING, DECEPTIVE, MURDEROUS, FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am suffering from Right Hemiplegia ,means unableto work with right part of body also have some speaking problem.however after allsuch challenges i could achieve which normal people find it difficult to achieve.Iam Chartered Accountant.However from last couple of months iam not able to find the Job? can u help me in achieving Job or atleast connect me to some potential employers in mumbai. it will be great favour on me.



  6. after reading this i do not know what to think….first i am a 60 year old female working in health care.i never lay out of work… but let me say i know that i am diabled to the point it is dangerous for me to work…. here is what i have and am going through. i have peripheral neuropathy in both legs and both arms i fall at least 3 time or more a day.. did i say i also have a herniated disc w/ ddd in whole spine and ostoarthritis along w/ sle lupus and sjorgerns diease and raynauds. i can not stoop down if i try i fall and when my neurologist asked me to stand on my tip toes i fell and did the same when asked to stand on heels ( i didn’t even know i couldn’t do this) i do know i can not step up onto curbs or walk up steps as i can not lift either foot off the floor… not only that i have memory issues… i have to set a timer w/ a note why i set the timer if i cook.. can not say how many time i nearly caught my home on fire. i can not even dress w/out my husbands help… but each day i go off to work and struggle to do my job and the paper work what was simple is a job just the papaer work. after hearing about how hard it is to get disability… and my doctor said he wants me to get forms at the health department for fmla which covers 12 weeks then he would cover other times with doctor excuses… that is sad for a woman in my medical condition to have to go through this when i have seen people that i care for that go bowling play pool and run daily because their legs hurt if they stand too long… well whos don’t!i fear dropping my little girl patient every day as i don’t know when i will fall or drop something as i have no warning or control. i know there are so many out there that shouldn’t work with medical conditions but have to no matter how much pain or how they struggle to walk can’t keep balance and feel so bad because i have not slept more than 30 minutes some nights for years and most nights i am lucky to sleep 10 minutes and you should see the scares on my legs either from cuts i don’t feel or burns from hot water because i can’t feel it.i can’t sleep from pain and the burning from the nerve damage…. and i read someones statement saying this is a scam… what a shame…. if you have all the tests that i have had by same and different doctors they all come out the same who could fake medical proof. it is not safe for me to work but frear going through the disability thing but my legs are getting worse and i will have to face the disability people at some point i have worked since i was 17 years old and i am not a drain nor ever have i been but now i am a old lady too young to retire and too old to go through this any longer i will end up with a broken hip and worse i will end up causing injury to a patient and i so loved my job but now feel it is a danger and i will face the disability act and i know that i can not do this job and with my memeory i don’t think i can do anything as i just can’t get it in my mind how to do things and besides that things that i use to do with not giving a thought i worry trying to struggle through and not getting it. really i am very affraid because i never thought i would loss my memeory as i have or the use of my body… but it has happend and i will hold my head high because i know that i have worked many years and i was not a drain but now i need help and i have paid taxes and never asked anything. but now i need to use my tax dollars to get through ever how many years i have until retirement age. thank to my husband for typing what i want to say. my fingers are to numb for me to type…. i don’t have much i can do and i can not work any longer. and i can add i see my wife try to do simple things and just ends up crying and i was glad to type this for her because i know she needs disability she once was so active and can’t get into a car without lifting her legs into the car i worry about her driving that her legs get numb and she can’t even move at all.i think disability should not be so hard for those who need it… and will only get worse and not ever better. i could add so much more but this was what she wanted to say

  7. I actually have been out of work for 5 years due to a massive knee injury from a fall on a newly paved parking long on an extremely rainy day. I had many tears in many different parts of cartilage as well as ligaments. I’ve been through 3 surgeries to repair all of these problems. After the third surgery, I ended up with a chronic pain syndrome in my knee that is excruciating. I deal with this 24/7, and my body is too sensitive to any oral pain meds, so I just have to endure it. I have since tried to return to school, but have found I can only sit in front of the computer for 45 minutes at a time. My doctor has placed me on restrictions regarding returning to work: I cannot lift, push or pull anything over 10 lbs, I cannot kneel, I cannot reach. I am confined only to a desk job, computer on 45 minutes, taking short breaks, only 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. I really don’t think anyone will hire me under those restrictions considering the job market today. I also have Bipolar Disorder. This can be very difficult to deal with at times. If people know about it, they treat you differently. It is discrimination, but they still do it. You then become an outcast. This in turn can bring on triggers which can bring on episodes. I just want to find a job to perform at home. This is just too difficult to endure.

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