Disability Benefits from Around the World

Disability Benefit Rights
Disabled people have certain rights and there are laws set out to ensure they are entitled to receive help and support to lead the best quality of life possible. The rights, laws and benefits they are entitled to differ from country to country.
Disability benefit rights in your country:

If you are disabled with either a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disablement that prevents you from working then you may qualify for disability support pension,if you are working but cannot use public transport because of your disability then you may be entitled to claim mobility allowance, if you provide daily care to someone who is disabled then you may be entitled to carer allowance, more information can be found at:

Disability support pension


Mobility allowance


Carer allowance



The Ontario disability support program is based on meeting the needs of disabled people and helping them become more independent in their day to day living. There are two ways in which they can help, providing financial assistance for those with disabilities and providing support for disabled people in the working environment. More information can found at:



The Irish social welfare system has several benefits that disabled people may be entitled to receive which include disability allowance, disability benefit and blind pension. More information can found at:


New Zealand

New Zealand offers several benefits and ways of support for disabled people in ensuring a better quality of life, some of which include mobility allowance if you need help getting around and disability allowance for people with long term disabilities and need help with every day tasks. More information can be at their website:



Scotland offers several disability pensions for disabled people such as disability living allowance, attendance allowance, incapacity benefit and carer’s allowance. More information on which benefits you may be entitled to because of your disability can be found at their website:


United Kingdom

Useful information for the disabled regarding any benefits they may be entitled to and the rights of the disabled in different circumstances can be found at:

Financial support for the disabled

http://www.direct.gov.uk/DisabledPeople/FinancialSupport/fs/en Employment rights and benefits:

Home and housing rights and options


Health and support rights and benefits


Education rights and allowances


Disabled people’s rights


Motoring schemes and rights


Disabled people’s rights when travelling


United States

The USA has two major financial support packages which disabled people may be entitled to receive, the social security disability program which is based on social security disability insurance which means you may be entitled to help if you are insured and supplemental security income which pays benefits based on financial needs. More information can be found at:


Social security disability insurance


Supplemental security income


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