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Benefits For Disabled People

If you are disabled then there is a range of benefits and support that you may be entitled to. These will vary from country to country but most countries do offer some kind of financial help to people with disabilities.

Disability living allowance

If you need help getting around or need help in looking after yourself because of a disability then you might be entitled to the disability living allowance. You must claim this allowance before you reach the age of 65.

Attendance allowance

This is a tax free allowance that you may be able to claim if you need help looking after yourself and are over the age of 65.

Incapacity benefit

If you cannot work due to your disability then you may be entitled to claim incapacity benefit.

More about disability living allowance

You may be entitled to this allowance if you:

* Have a physical or mental disability or both.

* If you have difficulty in walking or your disability is severe enough that you can’t look after yourself properly.

* Your are under the age of 65.

You are entitled to claim for disability living allowance whether you can work or not and your savings or income generally will not affect your claim.

Disability living allowance is made up of two parts, a care component if you need help looking after yourself and a mobility one if you can’t get around. You may be entitled to receive just one or both of them.

More about attendance allowance

You may be entitled to receive this allowance if you:

* Have a physical, mental disability or both.

* You need help in caring for yourself due to the severity of your disability.

* Your are over the age of 65 when you claim.

Any money you have saved or any income you may receive isn’t generally affected when you claim attendance allowance. The attendance allowance is paid on two different category bases, a higher rate and a lower one which you receive will depend on the severity of your particular disability.

More about incapacity benefit

You may be entitled to claim incapacity benefit if the following apply to you:

* Your statutory sick pay has ended or you don’t get it.

* You are un-employed or self-employed.

* You are incapable of going back to work.

* You were under the state pension age when you first became sick.

You must also have been:

* Paying towards national insurance contributions.

* Unable to work because of disability for at least four days in a row.

* Getting medical treatment and are unable to work for two or more days out of the week.

Incapacity benefit is based on short term – for the first 28 weeks, short term higher for weeks 29 to 52 and high from week 53.

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  1. I am on SSD but still do not have enough money to pay all my bills and my medical bills.
    I am so far behind and afraid that I will become homeless with this medical condition I have (spinal cord inury).
    I have tried state assistance but make too much money with my social security.
    I am becoming hopeless.

  2. I have similar disabilities ,spinal fracture & more.I receive ssi & state disability assistance that has been reduced by the lack of funds that has been mismanaged .I to have a uncertain future of my exsistance .I to feel hopeless. I paid most of my life to federal ,state & local taxes & now i can,t make ends meet. What can i do ?

  3. hi im disabled and on the middle rate.but my symtoms have got worse.so could i claim the higher rate.ive recently had a stroke and heart attack,which has left me with angina.and waitin to go in hospital for a op.for my heart,i dont go out much and my wife is my carer 24 7.im on insulin as well.

  4. I am receiving SSI disability, but I would like to know what benefits are available to disabled persons. If you have any pamphlets that you can send me would greatly be appreciated
    helene collins
    PO Box 893
    buffalo ny 14207
    716 491 4551

    • Hi Helene,

      Thank you for stopping by. The blog post discuses some of the benefits available to disabled persons. We do not have any pamphlets to distribute as we are a blog to provide information but if you could be more specific about what sort of information you are looking for, we would be glad to do a blog post with more information.


  5. hello i am newly registered disabled and i am being refused to rent a property from private agents has they will not accept benefits what are my rights and what can i do thankyou

  6. I am disabled and receive SSI but it is not enough to help pay all of the bills. I have a large electric bill and have managed to pay all my bills on time but I do not have the money for this bill. Can they shut off my electric

  7. I am curently getting disability, considered completely disabled with a major depression in 2004, an unipolar depression, as far as I can get is a “flat affect” I am taking the best combination of medication I have had. In 2006, I spent a month on a Psych unit and had 11 shock treatments, which messes up my cognitive recall,I don’t shower as I should,or puttiing on clean clothes, I don’t cook or clean,everything I look at is overwhelming so do nothing. I fell a few days ago and hit my head on the concrete floor, I have fallen in the past and afraid if being alone and falling may not get help.

    I want to know how to apply for a live-in caretaker,I have a young Chinese girl coming to live with us. Wondering if she could take a CNA class and be my live in companion? I am not going anywhere outside my house unless to a Dr appt or a family member is sick or dies. I do have a husband but is gone alot,not concerned about the state of my grooming or how the house looks and not a cook,so eat alot of frozen dinners. My fear is falling, we live about 2 1/2 miles into the highway

    I think with a live-in companion would help me with my ADL’s cookucing and laundry, also companionship,which I would help me keep my depression at a flat affect, I have gone thru this for a few years now and know when I need to step back into my comfort zone

    Any thing you can give me I would muchly appreciate
    Thank you Judy

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