Dementia Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Households with Dementia Patients

It is a challenge to any ordinary person to take care of a family member that is suffering from a medical condition. One has to know important things about the condition, its treatment, medications and safety measures. It gets more difficult if the patient being cared for has some cognitive disabilities as there are a lot of changes that can possibly happen.

Dementia Safety TipsDementia is a condition that affects mental ability and a person’s memory. Dementia patients easily forget things, even their own names. Their emotions, attitudes and personality tend to change from time to time. Even their movements, at times, are not coordinated. Thus, these people need extra care and attention preferably from their family members.

The fact that there is a Dementia patient at home should not be taken for granted. When Dementia patients are left alone, accidents may possibly happen if no precautionary measures are taken.

Here are some tips to keep the home safe for the dementia patient as well as for the other family members.

– Older people tend to fall at times. This may be due to lack of balance or other things. If there are stairs in the house, it is better to put a stair gate. Also make sure that there are no loose objects or mats lying on the steps. This will prevent accidental fall when patients are left alone.

– Floors need not be highly polished as this may cause the floors to be slippery. Make sure the carpets and rugs are also fixed to avoid accidents.

– Place the things that the patient use everyday within easy reach. For example, if the Dementia patient loves to cook, have all the pans and utensils, except possibly for the knife, accessible. This would prevent tripping over and breaking things.

– Make sure there is decent amount of light in the house. Dementia patients may be confused when they are in dark areas. Keep a good light on along the hallway and in the bedroom especially if the patient tends to wake up at night.

– Keep chemicals, insecticides and other poisonous substances inside cabinets and out of reach. A Dementia patient may accidentally drink these substances.

– Do not let a person with Dementia take a portable water heater in the bathroom by him or her self.

– Have a mat or bath seat in the bath area or tub to prevent the patient from slipping. Hand rails may also be fitted in the bathroom to help them get around easily.

– Medicines of the patient should also be locked in a safe place. When left alone, they may take more doses than prescribed which may be harmful to them.

Caring for a person with Dementia is like caring for a child. Taking precautionary measures will help them live a safe and happy life. It is best to let them enjoy their lives despite their condition.

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