Deaf Services: Useful Deaf Equipment & Devices

The loss of one of the senses is a major loss and many people do not realize this. When one loses their hearing, or is born with a hearing disability in the first place, you may need certain special equipments or devices to help you with your hearing or at least make it easier for you. Even the sound of alarm clock that is a jarring noise for most people might need to be louder for you as a deaf person but the standard alarm clock proves to be of no use to you.

We have therefore listed some common deaf equipment here that are designed for deaf services and that you may find handy as a deaf person. We have not discussed the standard hearing aids here but simply other deaf services devices that can make life easier for you on a day to day basis.

Doorbells For Deaf People

While most people take a doorbell for granted, those with hearing disabilities are often unable to hear the doorbell. This is a major inconvenience and as a result new deaf equipment for the hearing disabled provides deaf people new deaf services doorbell designed especially to help them answer the door.

  • Flashing Table Lamp Doorbells – These doorbells are sychronized with  a flashing strobe light. Every time your doorbell rings, the lights go off indicating to you that someone is at the door.
  • Dimming Lights – This doorbell system makes the lights in your home flash or dim, depending on the time of day your doorbell is rung.
  • Vibrating Transmitters – These are small transmitters compact enough to fit into your pocket. Every time someone rings your doorbell, these devices will vibrate and let you know you need to get the door.

A portable flashing door light costs £20, $38 USD or 29 Euros. A simple light flashing system will be around £22, $41 USD or 32 Euros.

Alarm Clocks For Deaf People

Due to their inability to hear properly, deaf people often sleep through an alarm in the mornings causing them to run late. Manufacturers have therefore started designing deaf services alarm clocks that are particularly useful the hearing challenged.

  • Extra Loud Ringing – These are pretty much the same as a standard alarm clock except the ringing feature on these alarm clocks is extra loud and is designed for those who are partially hearing challenged and can hear certain loud noises and sounds.
  • Flashing Lights – The alarm clock not only emits a sound but also has a bright flashing light that goes on and off in synchronization so the deaf person can wake up due to the bright lights.
  • Vibrations – This is a special type of alarm clock with a vibrating pad attached the clock. People with hearing disabilities should place this clock under their pillow at night and the clock vibrates in the morning in order to help a deaf person wake up.

These special deaf services alarm clocks have the standard features of a normal alarm clock but are designed as deaf equipment for the hearing challenged.

An alarm clock for the deaf can cost between £15 to £80which is roughly $29 to $150 USD or 22 Euros to 117 Euros.

Other Equipments For Deaf

In addition to alarm clocks and doorbell deaf equipments, there are some other deaf services equipments as well.

  • Smoke Alarms – Smoke alarms for the deaf often use a combination of the technology used for alarm clocks and doorbells with the alarms often emitting shrill high pitched noises, along with a vibrating pad that one can sleep with at night. Flashing lights are also part of some alarm systems. A smoke system of this type will cost about £105, $197 USD or 153 Euros.

As people are waking up to the problems a hearing disability can cause, clever inventors are developing products and deaf equipment that will make day to day life much easier for deaf people.


  1. Where can I get a flashing alarm clock. You mentioned it on your website, but did not say where I can buy one

    Thank you

    • Hi Lynne

      Speak to a salesperson at your local electronics store. Or search online for a site that sells it and will ship it to your door.

  2. I need a clock with flashing light and I am in South Africa. I have one for 30 years and now it is not working. The make of the clock is westlox electric. Can you tell me where can I get it? not vibration.


  3. That’s what the death tax is, too. Selling the farm/home to pay the taxes on inheriting the farm/home.

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