Carpal Tunnel Help & Carpal Tunnel Benefits Claim

It is important to understand the meaning and symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome in order to receive treatment and proper carpal tunnel help immediately. With the increase in usage of computers and cell phones, carpal tunnel claims are at its peak. Workers everywhere are filing carpal tunnel benefits claims as they believe it is caused by their work and are seeking carpal tunnel compensation for it.  Understanding what the causes are for carpal tunnel syndrome and getting immediate treatment for it helps fix the problem at an early stage.

Carpal Tunnel Disability: Definition and Symptoms

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Nowadays, whenever a person is feeling a tingling sensation on their fingers, somebody has to mention that they have carpal tunnel disability. According to the National Institutes of Health, it occurs when the median nerve of your hand gets pressed at the wrist region. As it controls sensations for your thumb and fingers, the condition causes pain, tingling sensations and weakness and numbness of the hand region.

What are the Symptoms for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome are usually gradual and start with itchiness and tingling sensations at the palm and thumb region. As the condition progresses, pain is slowly felt in the entire hand region. If carpal tunnel help is not received, the hand will slowly lose the ability to grip small objects or even lose the usage of the hand. If treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is not obtained, the hand will eventually not even be able to distinguish hot and cold and become completely useless.

Carpal Tunnel Disability: Causes and Treatments

What are the Causes for Carpal Tunnel Disability?

The causes for carpal tunnel syndrome are wide and varied. The common ones are:

  • The carpal tunnel is genetically built smaller for some people.
  • Repeated pressure to the wrist region due to continuous activity like using laptops, cell phones, video games etc.
  • Sprain or fracture.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fluid retention during pregnancy.

What are the Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Disability?

There are a number of treatment options available for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Nonsurgical Therapy

  • Wrist Splinters
  • Pain relieving drugs or corticosteroids
  • Acupressure or acupuncture
  • Daily wrist exercises


  • Open release surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery

Carpal Tunnel: Claims and Compensation

Millions of dollars are spent by companies each year on carpal tunnel compensation. Workers exposed to excessive vibrating machinery or uncomfortable work structures are increasingly blaming their work for their carpal tunnel disability and requesting carpal tunnel benefits claims to pay for the hardships endured. While you may have symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome, in most cases, carpal tunnel compensation is lost due to inability to prove that the condition has been caused by your work. If you have a carpal tunnel disability, it is recommended that you hire an experienced attorney while making carpal tunnel benefits claims. The attorney will foresee the legal aspects of the carpal tunnel claims and ensure that you are compensated for the difficulties you are facing.

While symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome may be gradual and unnoticeable at first, early detection is the key to finding appropriate carpal tunnel help for your condition. Carpal tunnel disability may be avoided by understanding what is happening with your body and recognizing the symptoms for carpal tunnel syndrome as soon as it occurs. A number of surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available to heal your hand. If your condition has been caused by work, you must try filing a carpal tunnel benefits claims. Various carpal tunnel compensation programs are available for a carpal tunnel disability that is proved to have been caused by negligence at work. Explore all options available for carpal tunnel syndrome and get help for it as soon as possible.


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