Parkinson's Disease Treatment

Gene Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease

Significant research and several clinical trials have been done regarding the efficacy of gene therapy in Parkinson’s disease (PD). While many claims have been made involving numerous wonder cures for PD, gene therapy may hold the exciting possibility of not only delaying disease progression but also halting it completely. Limitations in the efficacy and success of various medical and surgical procedures, have stimulated the scientists all over the world to explore the possibility of Parkinson’s cure through gene therapy. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder where there is steady loss of brain cells of the substantia nigra involved in the production of the chemical neurotransmitter dopamine. The gene therapy approach has a distinct advantage as it might offer new hopes to preserve or restore the damaged dopaminergic neurons through the use of brain growth [… Read More]

Parkinson's Alternative Treatment

Parkinson’s Disease and Homeopathy

Parkinson’s disease is a gradually progressive neurodegenerative disorder manifested by the loss of dopamine producing neurons in the nigro-striatal region of the brain. Dopamine is a chemical messenger of the brain, and the lack of this neurotransmitter manifests in the form of deficits in the motor functions in the patient’s body. The severely incapacitating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremors, rigidity, bradykinesia, loss of muscle coordination, frequent falls, freezing of gait and many more.

Back pain
Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefit for Back Pain and Injuries

One of the most difficult applications for a disability case is for back pain due to the fact that it can often be a subjective case. Back pain may be caused by a myriad of spinal conditions like degenerative discs, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arachnoiditis, and spondylitis. The most common problems involving the nerves in the back are spinal stenosis, herniated disc, scoliosis, and nerve root compression. In other words, the back pain must be the result of some physical abnormality of the spine or the spinal canal. A back pain without a physical impairment is less likely to have the social security and disability benefit. So also the back pains caused by obvious injuries such as a muscle strain or a fracture, which usually have a tendency to heal within a couple of weeks or [… Read More]

Disability Help

Disablity Aids for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Being blind is a learning process not only for the blind themselves, but also for family members and those who live in the same household. To the newly blind, home takes on the aspect of a fortress of safety and learning arena. Everything that could be normally done by a person having the gift of sight, has to be learned all over again, from walking to personal hygiene, including the advanced skills like reading, writing, and cooking. Also, it becomes difficult for the people with reduced vision to do their daily household tasks. There is a wide range of commercially available equipment which might easily benefit the blind or the people with reduced vision. Various visibility aids which might make an easy living for the visually impaired or blind includes glasses, magnifiers, writing equipment, household, [… Read More]

Disability Help

Social Security Benefits for the Visually Impaired and Blind

Living with the visual impairment or complete blindness makes the person unable to work, which poses a financial burden in the form of lack of income and medical insurances. The social security administration (SSA) offers social security disability benefits to such individuals. The SSA offers disability benefits through two different programs. The first program is the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which relies on  and the patient’s work history. To claim this insurance the applicant must have earned a specific amount of work credit. The second program is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This program is not based on work credits and instead mandates the requirement of a certain financial status in order for the applicant to qualify. The program is best suited for children and other individuals who might not have earned enough work [… Read More]

Physical rehabilitation
Disability & Travel

Air Travel, Flying with a Disabled Partner

Air travel these days has become both cheap and convenient and often involves less planning that a long road trip. Although much more planning is required with new screening procedures at airports due to the anti-terrorism laws, by and large air travel with a disabled partner can still be an enjoyable experience. There is a plethora of difficulties that accompany the disabled as they attempt to fly in a commercial capacity these days but a conscientious travel partner can plan ahead and avoid any obstacles. When travelling with the incapacitated person, every effort must be made to provide a comfortable and facilitated journey to the patient. The incapacitated person is a passenger with the physical disability such as a neurological disorder or a medical condition, who is in need of attention or assistance, while take [… Read More]

Disability at Home

Living with a Physically Disabled Partner Or Family Member

When someone has a partner who is physically challenged or physically disabled, the lives and everyday routine in the household becomes instantaneously and often irrevocably different. Every situation needs to be assessed from a totally different point of view. At this point the family will need to stop and think and consider things like placement of furniture and other supporting household items. In addition the emotional aspects of the disabled person must be taken into consideration, as they spend a lot of time immobile or is suffering by either pain or pain medications. Not only the financial aspect of the family, but also the sexual aspect of the disabled and his /her partner play a crucial role in the survival of their relationship. Living Quarters and Home Environment Modern homes are increasingly becoming the places [… Read More]

Eyestrain computer use
Disability Help

Computer Software for the Visually Impaired, Blind

There are many software programs available that allow the blind and visually impaired to confidently navigate the world through their computer. These can generally be classified into two separate categories, the first being screen magnification, and the second, screen readers. Most of the applications come as both screen reader and magnifier.

nerve cells

Parkinson’s Disease Brain Chemistry and Effect of Medicines

Chemical changes in the Brain In Parkinson’s disease (PD) there is slow and progressive loss and deterioration of nerve cells of the brain especially those involved with regulation and control of movements. In a healthy person, an adequate amount of dopamine (a chemical messenger present in the body) is present in substantia nigra (an area of cluster of nerve cells in the brain). Normally, dopamine is carried by the nerve cells from this area to another cluster of nerve cells known as the corpus striatum where these nerves terminate. Here, along with dopamine, the acetylcholine, (another chemical messenger), regulates the bodily movements. Complex chain of decisions which involves the interconnected groups of nerve cells commonly called as “ganglia” are responsible for the control of body movement. Information reaching the Striatum works with the substantia nigra and [… Read More]

medical aid
Disability Help

Applying for Physical Disability Benefits in the United States

In order to qualify for disability benefits in the United States a person has to be medically proven to be disabled. While this sounds like an easy task, due to the variety of legalities which abound in the system and people who attempt to cheat the system, it is not as easy as it sounds. Process to Apply for Disability The first step that needs to be undertaken is to apply for Social Security Disability, Medicare and/or Medicaid. This can be done via hard copy or on the online. The reason to start on this as soon as possible is that this in its self can take from two to three years.